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Every month we will be selecting a team member for our Employee Spotlight.

This month we’re introducing Rebecca Allen. Rebecca is an EMT on B-Shift and has been serving with Greenville County EMS since April 2021.

What is your favorite quote, saying, or motto?

“Don’t stress so much. We’re all just winging.”

What is your greatest achievement in life so far?

My greatest achievement so far would be my two, mostly well-adjusted, independent, and contributing adult daughters. I’m still working on their younger brother though.

What is your #1 pet peeve?

Someone else moving things in my kitchen is very high on my pet peeve list.

What is your most memorable moment in your EMS career?

As a newer EMT, my most memorable moment right now is simply getting hired at GCEMS.

What is your favorite movie or play?

I love The Princess Bride.

What would constitute a perfect EMS crew member?

The perfect crew member is someone you just instantly feel comfortable with. Conversation is easy. Someone you can respect their opinions and they respect yours. You know you can rely on them.

What is your best kept secret?

I live on a sailboat.

What would you consider your worst habit?

Eating in bed.

Greatest inspiration in your life?

My kids inspire me to be a better me.

What is your favorite food item?


What would be considered luxury to you?

A real oven is a luxury to me. I don’t have one on my boat.

If you could meet anyone in the history of the world, who and why?

If I could meet anyone in the history of the world, I would choose the person who created cheese and just say thank you.

What would your epitaph say?

One of my daughters answered this question for me. She said, "Mom of moms. Friend you needed. An amazing woman".

What is your favorite type of music?

I don’t have a favorite music. My preference depends on my mood at the moment. My playlist has everything from classical to rap to scream and blues.

Where would you like to grow old?

Splitting my time between a boat in the tropical islands and a cabin in the mountains is where I would like to grow old.