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Mobile Homes

The mobile home registration office is located in Suite 1000 County Square, 301 University Ridge, Greenville S.C. For additional information you may call 864.467.7158

Mobile homes moved into or located within the County after January 1 of each year must be registered within fifteen (15) days.


What is required for display on a mobile home?


Every mobile home located within the county shall display a current year sticker in such manner as to be visible from the exterior at all times.


What is necessary for relocation of a mobile home?


Before any mobile home is relocated, the owner must obtain a moving permit from the mobile home registration office. The moving permit shall be displayed on the mobile home during the moving process. It shall be the responsibility of the mobile home transporter that the required moving permit is properly displayed and accompanies the mobile home while it is being moved.

If the relocation is from one County to another, the mobile home owner shall submit the moving permit to the mobile home registration office wherein such mobile home is relocated and obtain a new license.


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