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Probate Court
Marriage License

Updated May 29, 2020.

The Probate Court: Marriage License Division is open; however, due to the pandemic, we are limiting visits inside our Marriage License office to only those persons whose needs cannot otherwise be met via Drop Box, Pick-Up Box, regular mail, email or teleconference.

Marriage Application Drop Boxes and Marriage License Pick-Up Boxes are located outside the Probate Court Annex which is near the Veterans’ Wall. Look for the tent outside the Probate Annex office door. Staff members will be there to assist you.

Best Wishes on Your Upcoming Marriage!
Your Wedding Ceremony

Marriage licenses issued anywhere in South Carolina are valid for ceremonies performed anywhere in South Carolina. However, SC marriage licenses are not valid for out of state ceremonies.

Marriage ceremonies are not performed in the Probate Court office. See this webpage for more information on authorized officiants and a list of notaries.


Plan Ahead to Avoid Spoiling Your Wedding

To avoid a wedding crisis, consider the date of your wedding, the 30 day rule, the 48 hour quarantine rule, our office holiday closing schedule, and our office hours as you plan when to begin the application process.

Due to COVID-19, we are reducing foot traffic in our office by only accepting marriage license applications from couples who have a wedding within 30 days. Proof is easy. It can be an email from your minister, notary, caterer, etc. confirming your wedding date.

Due to the threat of covid-19 surface transmission applications must be quarantined for 48 hours. A 24 hour waiting period is required by law between the time the application is completed and filed and the time the license is issued. The 24 hours IS NOT in addition to the 48 hours quarantine period.

Example of good planning: If your wedding is on a Saturday or Sunday, the latest you should begin the process is the Tuesday just prior to your wedding. Our suggestion is you should begin the process 2 weeks in advance to allow for any unknowns.

Obtaining Your Marriage License Marriage License Worksheet

Step One: The Marriage License Worksheet
Provide the requested information on the Marriage License worksheet. The information you provide is used to prepare your application. At the end of the marriage license worksheet, you will see a payment icon for payment of the marriage license fee online. After you pay your fee, the worksheet will be automatically transmitted to our office.

Next, email to the following:

  1. One copy of each applicant's valid government issued photo id (driver’s license, military id, passport, etc.)
  2. One copy of each applicant's Social Security card or other official document which verifies your social security number such as a W-2, insurance card, etc.

Step Two: The Application
After receiving all of the above, our office will prepare the application and return it to you for your review and signatures.

We will email the application to the first person listed on the application form; or; you may arrange with court staff to pick up the application from our "Drop Box" located outside our office doors. Our office is in Suite 5600 of the Probate Court Annex near the Veterans’ Wall at County Square.

When you receive the application, review it carefully for any mistakes. Then each of you must sign below the Certification section of the application.

Next, return the original application with your original signatures to our office. You may return the application by regular mail. Our address is: Greenville County Probate Court, Marriage License Division, 301 University Ridge, Suite 5600, Greenville, SC 29601. Or, you may deliver the application to our "Drop Box" located outside our office doors. Our office is in Suite 5600 of the Probate Court Annex near the Veterans' Wall at County Square.

Please understand that our office cannot control when mail is received by us or by you. If you are pressed for time, you are encouraged to make arrangements with court staff to hand-deliver the application to our office and/or pick up the marriage license from our office.

Step Three: Issuing the License
After 48 hours of quarantine time has elapsed from the date you returned the Application to our office; and, if everything is in order, our office will issue the license. We will mail the license to the first person named in the application unless you make other arrangements, i.e. to pick up the license from our drop box.

Step Four: Signing and Recording your License
The license itself consists of 3 identical copies, one for the spouses, one for Probate Court and one for S.C. DHEC. When you sign the Marriage License, sign it using the same name you used when you signed the application. Spouses who intend to change their last name after their marriage do not sign the Marriage License using their intended new last name.

The S.C. DHEC and Probate Court copies must be returned to our office within 15 days after your ceremony to properly record your marriage. You will have a return envelope for mailing.

Keep your license in a safe place. You may need it in the future for passports, insurance, or legal proceedings.

Please Read This Entire Webpage Carefully For More Important Information.
Congratulations Again and Thank You For Planning Ahead!


Additional Information for Couples Obtaining a SC Marriage License