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Bobby Parks Evans, JR
Greenville County Coroner's Office

Greenville County, located in the state of South Carolina, is the largest county in the Upstate region. Per the 2019 census the estimated population of Greenville County is 506,837-a 16% increase since 2010 of 451,225. The diversity in the communities of Greenville County continues to grow with the population. In 2019 there was an estimated 211,000 housing units with the median housing value of $183,800; the median household income of approximately $60,351 and a rate of 10.7% of persons in poverty. The unemployment rate in Greenville County during 2019 was 2.4% - lower than the state’s overall rate as well as the United States’.

Contributions to the increase in population are attributed to multiple factors. Of these, the most obvious is the 5% increase in birth rates of 2019. Additional influences of the growth are the arrival of new residents due to large national businesses relocating or being created.

Within Greenville County is the largest public school district in the state of South Carolina with an 88% high school graduate or higher rate. In addition, advanced education opportunities are local within Greenville County such as colleges, universities and remote locations for other universities outside of Greenville County.

Contributions to the increase in population are attributed to multiple factors. Of these, the most obvious is the 5% increase in birth rates of 2019. Additional influences of the growth are the arrival of new residents due to large national businesses relocating or being created.

Because of the influences such as education, activities and employment the number of persons within Greenville County can vary significantly as people commute from other counties and nearby states.

The median age of a resident of Greenville County is 34 years old with this age group being majority females.

How We Serve

Death cases are referred to the Coroner’s Office for various reasons. The Coroner’s Office is notified in cases of deaths occurring outside of a hospital, if they die at a medical facility within 24 hours of admission or invasive surgery, child fatalities and any death under abnormal or suspicious circumstances.

When the Coroner’s Office is notified of a death outside of a hospital, the Coroner callas to ask if a private physician will certify the death and will interview the family member or care taker to verify no foul play exists. The Coroner or his Deputy Coroner(s) will obtain basic information for a burial removal transit permit (BRT) which is required by law 17-5-580.

Deaths that occur within 24 hours of admission to a medical facility or of an invasive medical procedure are reported to the Coroner as required by S. C. law 17-5-530. At that time a basic inquiry is performed and, based on information obtained, the inquiry may end or it may progress to a full case.

Cremation permits are issued upon request of the funeral director by the Coroner as provided in statute 32-8-325 and 32-8-340. There is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period from the time of death before a cremation may occur.

Coroner’s cases or investigations may become very involved and complex. When deemed appropriate, autopsies and toxicology tests are performed along with other analysis that may require more time for a final and definitive answer for a family. Family members are welcome to call for status updates.

Death Certificates are forwarded to the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. They are ordered and picked up by the legal next of kin at the funeral home chosen for the decedent’s final disposition.

Child Fatalities require a complete investigation per the requirement of S.C. 17-5-540 and 63-11-1940 unless thorough evidence is presented to validate existence of a preexisting terminal condition.

Vulnerable Adult deaths require a complete investigation as a requirement of S.C. 17-5-555 and 43-35-10(11).

What the Coroner's Office Does:
  • Performs independent investigations into violent, suspicious deaths, deaths that occur outside of hospitals and deaths that occur suddenly or unexpectedly
  • Makes death notifications to families when unexpected deaths occur, such as in traffic fatalities or homicides
  • Makes positive and legal identification of individuals who have died
  • Creates reports related to deaths investigated by the Coroner's Office
  • Issues burial transit permits for individuals who have died outside of the hospital
  • Provides autopsy and coroner's reports to agencies and next of kin
  • Makes the final determination as to the manner of death
  • Releases personal belongings to the next of kin with probate court orders
  • Acts as the central depository for all records relative to a death, including the pathologist report, police investigative reports and any other investigative agencies reports
  • Maintains the County Coroner’s Book of Inquisitions
  • Issues cremation permits

* The coroner’s office is NOT involved in hospital and/or private autopsy cases.

  • B. Parks Evans D-ABMDI – Coroner
  • Mike Ellis D-ABMDI – Chief Deputy Coroner
  • Kent Dill D-ABMDI - Senior Deputy Coroner
  • Jenn Cason D-ABMDI - Senior Deputy Coroner
  • Shelton England D-ABMDI - Deputy Coroner
  • Kristy Strange - Deputy Coroner
  • Jamie Richards - Deputy Coroner
  • Hannah Gilstrap - Deputy Coroner
  • Michelle Bright - Deputy Coroner
  • Ryan Mahaffey - Deputy Coroner
  • Jonathan Hamilton - Deputy Coroner
  • Robert Parker - Deputy Coroner
  • Sharon Craver D-ABMDI – Case Manager
  • Dee Ivie – Administrative Assistant
  • Heather Moore - Administrative Assistant