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Land Development

The Land Development Division reviews engineering plans for stormwater compliance on construction sites prior to issuance of a grading permit. Additionally, plans are reviewed to ensure compliance to standards as outlined in the Land Development Regulations (LDR) for new subdivisions. We also provide review and inspection services for developing sites to verify that construction adheres to the approved plans.

This division implements the water quality components of the NPDES permit, which is the compliance system for the Clean Water Act.

Report Water Pollution

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and strengthen the general water quality through effectual stormwater management strategies. To maintain a high level of flood protection through sound planning and innovative engineering solutions, to maintain infrastructure integrity, to protect public safety and private property and to provide a prominent level of customer service and communication to the public, private, and governmental sectors.


Our vision is to be committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the environment through responsible stewardship and creative site planning of the natural and economic resources that make up our unique community. Encouraging and valuing citizen communication by building partnerships and educating all citizens to ensure an enhanced quality of life for present and future generations.

Division News

08/2023 - Road Policy Reminders - NEW

04/14/21 - Combo Plan Reviews Reminder

02/01/19 - New Plan Reviewers

05/02/18 - Municipal Good Housekeeping Training

03/16/18 - New Subdivision Staff Bios

03/06/18 - Presentation from Contractors and CEPSCI Training

01/26/18 - Plat Submittal Announcement

12/13/17 - New Regulations Training Slides

09/13/17 - Electronic Submittal Policy

07/01/17 - New Fee Schedules and Payment Methods
Greenville County Council passed the 2018/19 budget on Tuesday night June 20, 2017. This budget goes into effect July 1 of this year. Part of this new budget is an adjustment to the fees for Land Development and Subdivision. The new fee schedule can be found on our Online Permit Development page.

We can no longer accept credit card payments via SC.Gov for permitting fees; we will however, continue to accept electronic checks. When entering routing and checking account numbers, please double check for accuracy prior to submitting the payment.

04/05/17 - Announcement to Engineers H3774

Important Announcement

Moving Letter - 03/10/23

Updated IDEAL 4.0 -11/2021

Cityworks Maintenance Announcement to Engineers - 03/01/21

Residential LID Use - 01/20/21

August 2020 - New Assistant Subdivision Administrator

07/06/20 - Bluebeam Announcement and Requirements

02/20/20 - Green Infrastructure for Single Family Residences

Post Construction Water Quality Training November 21, 2019 – Deadline to register 11/15

07/10/19 - Release of IDEAL 3.0

Greenville County Rainfall Data click here, please check the legend for additional information.

11/07/18 - New Designer Training

Stabilization Bond Increase:
Effective July 1, 2018 our stabilization bond will increase to $5000 per acre. Please note that this will be the new minimum and incremental steps for payment. Please note that our stabilization bond has not increased in years despite the substantial rise in cost to stabilize over that same period of time.

All bonds of this type are cash bonds, deposited by Land Development and returned when the site is stabilized and closed out. Further questions can be directed to Josh Fisher, Chief Construction Inspector.

07/31/18 - Please note that any time modifications are submitted to our office, a detailed narrative to support the modification needs to be included with the submittal.

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