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The Pre-1985 section provides access to all index books, deeds, and land grants. Some mortgages are also available (more will be added in the future). Please see our Tutorial for more detailed information on how to search.

The After-1985 section provides access to all recorded documents including deeds, plats, mortgages, powers of attorney, and liens.*

*Recently added Deeds (only) for the period 1940 - 1984.

*Please note – while our documents are subcategorized for your convenience, due to the nature of the documents recorded prior to 1990 we recommend searching by book type and not relying on the subcategories.

Document Indexes Available
  • Federal Tax Lien: 1971 to Present
  • Grantee: 1787 to Present
  • Grantor: 1787 to Present
  • Mortgagee: 1787 to Present
  • Mortgagor: 1787 to Present
  • Plats: 1951 to Present
Document Images Available:
  • Deeds: 1787 to Present
  • Financing Statements: 1985 to Present
  • Miscellaneous Documents: 1973 to Present
  • Miscellaneous Lien: 1955 to Present
  • Mortgages: 1919 to Present
  • Plats: 1903 to Present
  • Satisfactions: 1973 to Present

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