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Engineering & Maintenance
Engineering & Maintenance

Greenville County is responsible for maintaining over 1,700 miles of roads and bridges. Our commitment to safety, convenience, and economic development continues in 2016 as we are investing more than $7 million on road paving and maintenance, bridge repair, and drainage improvement projects. We are also leveraging our funding with our partners at C-Funds who are matching our investment and providing additional funding for major resurfacing projects.

To maximize life expectancy of County roads, and ensure safe surface conditions, the County paves on a "worst-first Countywide" basis. The rankings are established based on the Overall Condition Index (OCI) of the road. In 2016, the County will have an independent firm study all County maintained roads to create the new Overall Condition Index (OCI). The OCI, last studied in 2012, determines the ranking of the roads and helps us decide what method, recycle or patch, would be best. This is the most efficient and effective way to invest the precious available funding.

Greenville County Engineering and Maintenance tries to eliminate the need to be reactionary by anticipating citizen requests and needs. We strive to provide road, bridge and engineering services in a timely and efficient manner. Our work is done to standards that far exceed industry standards (see the video above).

Division Responsibilities
The Greenville County Engineering & Maintenance Department is a Division of Public Works.

A few of the responsibilities of this department include:

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