Greenville County Online Job Applications

If this is your first time at this site, PLEASE read the information below before proceeding!

Instructions for using the County of Greenville Online Job Application System: You must enter a unique Logon Id and password that will identify you within the Online Application system. Your Logon Id: may be any string with at least 6 letters or numbers, and will not be case sensitive. Your Password: must be at least 6 characters, but must include at least 2 letters and 2 numbers, and will also not be case sensitive. Do not use special characters or dashes. It is NOT necessary to include a paper application 'and/or resume.'

NOTE: We will periodically purge applications that have not been accessed within the last 6 months. Accessing means Signing On - either when applying online for Jobs or when updating your application or data. If you have not applied for a job recently, sign on even if you do not change any information. This will keep your application from being purged. You must do this once within a 6 months period of time to keep your application from being purged.


  1. 1) Create an Account by going to the Sign Up form. Already created an account? Then Login here
  2. 2) After you have completed EACH section of the job application click Show Job Vacancies.
  3. 3) When you find a job that you are interested in applying for, click the Apply button to apply.
  4. 4) Please notify the Department of Human Resources if you require special disability accommodations to participate in the employment process, including obtaining a hard copy of the County of Greenville Employment Application.

Greenville County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, disability or age. We assure you, the applicant, that your opportunity for employment depends solely on your qualifications.

Applicants applying for positions with the County are required to meet the minimum qualifications or; an equivalent combination of training and experience in reference to the position for which they apply, before an application may be given consideration.

The employment relationship between the County of Greenville and its employees is at-will and voluntary. This application is not a contract. Applications will remain active for 180 days.