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Greenville County now allows the taxpayers to elect (opt-in) to receive their tax bills via electronic form.

To opt-in, you will need the six character alpha numeric User ID on your tax bill.

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 e-Bill Subscription

You may opt-out anytime and go back to receiving a paper bill.

Notice: 2023 Tax Sale

Office Information
This Office:
  • Accepts payment of current Real and Personal Property taxes in person, by mail, by outside lockbox, and through internet transactions.
  • Seizes property for non-payment, in accordance with S.C. Code of Laws, Title 12.
  • Plans, conducts and manages tax sales.
  • Accepts cash, cashier checks, postal money orders, certified checks, and Master, Discover, and Visa debit and credit cards only.
  • Performs pre-sale and post-sale work such as title abstracting and lien holder research, as well as notifying lien holders as required by law.
  • Abates tax penalties, interest, and /or costs for legal cause.
  • Sends notification and collects delinquent Real and Personal property taxes and processes delinquent tax payments.
  • Processes redemption payments for returned checks.
  • Suspends driver’s licenses for failure to pay taxes.
  • Accepts applications for change of address, but routes them to Auditor or Assessor.
  • Files Proofs of Claim with Federal Bankruptcy courts.
  • Issues Tax Deeds.
This Office Does Not:
General Information

Paying Real Property Taxes - You will pay one (1) year in arrears. Tax Notices will be issued each October and are payable by January 15 with no penalty. After January 15 add 3% to base tax amount. After February 1 add 10% to base tax amount. After March 16 add 15% to base tax amount.

Paying Personal Property Taxes - You must pay one (1) year in advance in order to obtain a license tag. The exception occurs when you allow a dealer to obtain your license tag; then you will owe taxes within one hundred twenty (120) days.

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on legal County sanctioned holidays.

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