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What is checked before permits are issued?


The Planning and Code Compliance Divisions check for the following:

  • Correct Zoning
  • If the property is located in a floodplain
  • If the property has road frontage
  • If other structures or manufactured homes are on the lot
  • Septic tank approval
  • Sewer tap
  • Street address
  • Tax map/ID number

When do I need a permit?


A permit is required anytime that a new building is constructed, structural changes made within a building or additions to existing structures. Also, permits are required for electrical upgrades, meter changes, etc. Plumbing permits are required for new plumbing fixtures or for relocating plumbing fixtures. Mechanical permits are required for new equipment, change-outs, running a gas line, etc. For more information, contact the Planning and Code Compliance Division at 864.467.7060.


What is the cost of a permit?


Permits for new homes are based on the square footage of the heated area, garage and/or basement. In addition, there are fees for electrical, plumbing and mechanical and septic tank permits. Contact the Planning and Code Compliance Division at 864.467.7060 for more information.


Does Greenville County require plans for constructions/permits?


Plans are not required for residential construction but permits are required for new construction as well as renovations and additions. Plans are required for commercial and industrial construction or renovations which must be reviewed and approved prior to permits being issued.


How do I obtain a manufactured home permit?


With the Form 400, Title, Bill of Sale and/or any other documents, and the location that the unit was purchased from.

If the unit was purchased outside of Greenville County, a moving permit from the other County will be required.

If the unit was purchased outside of State of South Carolina, the City, State, and Location will be required.

The Tax Map ID Number of the new location, E-911 Address Form and all paperwork will be required in Suite 1000 – Mobile Home Tax Office, to register home and property. This office can be reached at 864.467.7158.

After you have received authorization from Suite 1000 you will proceed back to the Building Safety Office located in Suite 4100. This office can be reached at 864.467.7060. You will receive your site installation permit provided the following information is obtained:

  • A completed Manufactured Home Installation Application
  • Manufactured Home Permit Application
  • Authorization from the Mobile Home Tax Office
  • Authorization for connection to sewer system, or the approval document from SCDHEC (Health Department) for a Septic System
  • E-911 Address Form
  • The name of your Electric Power Company and Gas Company (which will be a separate permit)
  • Complete directions to the home site
  • Manufactured Home Installation Guide

Once you have completed your application review and paid your permit fee, you will be issued a BLUE Inspection Card, the Moving Permit (if required), the Manufactured Home Decal and Sticker and a Manufactured Home Installation Guide. During your permit meeting, you will receive instruction on the use of our Automated Inspection Request Line. Please make sure you use the permit number from the BLUE card to schedule your inspection request.


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