Greenville County
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Emergency Medical Services
Operation - Clinical Services
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Greenville County EMS is a third-service municipal department that provides primary 9-1-1 response to emergency medical calls for service to 795 square miles within Greenville County. The department was established as a County-based operation in 1975 and continues to be the largest and busiest EMS system in South Carolina. The dual-tiered system design includes advanced life support and basic life support ambulances. Each ambulance has above standard warning equipment, include state-of-the-art mapping software to facilitate response and hospital transport routes, and is equipped with the stretcher Power LOAD system for employee wellness.

A flexible deployment strategy is followed to meet demand and the needs of the community. The Mobile Area Routing Vehicle Location Information System (MARVLIS™) strategically predicts where and when calls will occur around the clock so ambulances may be placed proximate to those locations.

There are 31 fire departments that provide various levels of medical first responder care mostly at the EMT level. Fire departments certified as Rapid Responder agencies receive medical oversight by the EMS medical director and each participates in the continuing education program administered by Greenville County EMS.

The healthcare community consists of two hospital systems, Bon Secours St. Francis Health and Prisma Health. Bon Secours includes two acute care facilities and a free-standing emergency department and Prisma operates four, one of which serves as a level-1 adult and level-2 pediatric trauma center, and tertiary referral center. In addition, there are two 24-hour percutaneous coronary intervention centers, one comprehensive and 3 primary stroke centers, and one level III neonatal intensive care unit.

Support Services

Greenville County EMS includes its own warehouse that prepares all equipment and supplies for field operations. A Supervisor oversees Support Service Specialists and Technicians and a Purchasing Specialist ensures that par levels are consistently within parameters specified. Support Services is proud to hire Project Search candidates who have graduated from the program. This program sponsored by Bon Secours St. Francis Health in conjunction with the Greenville County School District and South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation provides education and on-the job-training to prepare students to enter the workplace.

Team Members

Greenville County is sensitive to the typical limited career ladder and advancement associated with EMS systems. As such, multiple levels of opportunities have been created for promotion and commensurate compensation as follows:


  • EMT
  • EMT Specialist
  • EMT Training Specialist
  • Paramedic
  • Paramedic Specialist
  • Paramedic Training Specialist
  • Assistant Operations Supervisor
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Operations

Support Services

  • Support Services Technician
  • Support Services Specialist
  • Purchasing Specialist
  • Support Services Supervisor
Special Operations
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Greenville County EMS has opportunities for team members to participate in Special Operations and to be members of the Bicycle Response Team and the County’s Emergency Response Team. The new bicycle team consists of specially trained EMT and paramedics who are trained in providing medical coverage at mass gathering events and also deploy with the Greenville City Police Department Bicycle Crowd Management Team to provide medical support. The Emergency Response Team is comprised of law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel and responds to hazardous materials, confined space entrapments, water and dive rescues, search and rescue missions, and other related incidents in the County and across the region.