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Heritage Green
Greenville County’s $1.5 million investment at Heritage Green "improves upon what is already a unique and dynamic cultural centerpiece that is one of the best in the Southeast".
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Conestee Community Plan
The Conestee Community presents a unique opportunity for development and revitalization. Conestee’s abundant natural and recreational resources including Lake Conestee Nature Park and the Swamp Rabbit Trail, as well as its close proximity to major employment centers including South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC) make it very attractive for future housing and commercial growth. See the plan and read what the Greenville News says about this "treasure".


Premier Sports Tourism Destination
Greenville County is a premier sports tourism destination. Check out this amazing video that shows that Greenville County provides
“… the best experience, ever”.

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Roads Commission

The Greenville Citizen Roads Advisory Commission has completed their report which is available at Roads Commission

Economic Growth/Jobs

Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC), a designer and manufacturer of composite materials and structures for government and industry, has its new manufacturing operation in Greenville County (SCTAC), representing an investment of more than $1 million and intended to create at least 23 new jobs. Watch the video to the left and

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