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How to apply for a County-Wide Board or Commission seat:

Greenville County boards and commissions have been separated into two groups: County-wide Boards (those boards serving the entire county) and Special Tax District Boards (those boards which serve a specific area or district). The Boards listed below are County-Wide Boards. These candidates are selected from all twelve County Council districts.

Applications are only accepted during the months of JANUARY and JULY. Applications received during any other month will be returned.

Click here to submit applications online:
    Online County-Wide Boards and Commissions Form

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Mail to:
Greenville County Council
301 University Ridge
Suite 2400
Greenville SC 29601

Fax to:

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The Board application period has closed. The next cycle will begin January 1, 2023. thank you.

Board Roster # of Upcoming Vacancies
Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee Roster - 2 Upcoming Vacancies
Airport Commission Roster
Airport Environs Planning Commission Roster
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Roster
Arena District Commission Roster
Board of Tax Assessment Appeals Roster - 2 Upcoming Vacancies
Construction Board of Appeals Roster - 3 Upcoming Vacancies
Greater Greenville Sanitation District Commission Roster - 1 Upcoming Vacancy
Greenlink Board Roster
Greenville Area Development Corporation Roster
Greenville County Historic and Natural Resources Trust Roster
Historic Preservation Commission Roster - 4 Upcoming Vacancies
Human Relations Commission Roster - 4 Upcoming Vacancies
Library Board of Trustees Roster - 1 Upcoming Vacancy
Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District Roster
Museum Commission Roster - 3 Upcoming Vacancies
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Advisory Board Roster
Planning Commission Roster
Redevelopment Authority Roster - 4 Upcoming Vacancies
South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center Board Roster
Thrive Upstate (formerly Disabilities and Special Needs Board) Roster - 3 Upcoming Vacancies
Zoning Board of Appeals Roster - 1 Upcoming Vacancy