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Clear Spring Fire and Rescue District

Total Members: 7
Upcoming Vacancies: 0


We are not currently accepting applications for this board/commission.

The Clear Spring Fire and Rescue District is a special tax district responsible for procuring and maintaining firefighting/rescue equipment and training firefighters to provide fire protection and rescue services within the district.

The board consists of seven (7) members appointed Greenville County Council. Members serve four (4) year staggered terms and reside within the geographical boundaries of the district and serve without pay.

The board has the following duties:
  • to solicit and receive donations or grants of funds from public or private sources and to solicit and receive the services of volunteers
  • to purchase, acquire, upkeep, maintain and repair all fire-fighting equipment and fire stations
  • to select sites within the area and to construct necessary buildings to house equipment and fire stations 
  • to employ all necessary fire protection personnel and fix their compensation
  • to appoint officers agents employees and servants to prescribe the duties of such and to fix their compensation 
  • to employ and supervise the training of firemen to insure that the equipment shall be utilized for the best interest of the district
  • to promulgate such roles and regulations as it may deep proper and necessary to insure that the equipment is being used to the best advantage of the county
  • to exercise any and all other powers necessary to operate and maintain a fire protection system
The board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at 3003 Woodruff Road, Simpsonville.