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Redevelopment Authority

Total Members: 12
Upcoming Vacancies: 0


We are not currently accepting applications for this board/commission.


The Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA) Board consists of twelve (12) members appointed by County Council to serve three-year terms.

To provide for the improvement of the quality of life for low and moderate income citizens of Greenville County through improved affordable housing and revitalization of the physical and economic infrastructure necessary to the social well being of communities.

Powers and duties:
GCRA is vested with the following powers and duties:

  • To prepare and recommend redevelopment plans,
  • To make surveys, studies, and plans to carryout its purposes,
  • To purchase, obtain options upon, acquire by gift, grant, bequest, devise, eminent domain any personal or real property or any interest therein,
  • To hold, improve, clear or prepare for redevelopment any such property,

The Board meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 12:30 pm at 301 University Ridge, Greenville, Suite S-4300.