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South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center Board

Total Members: 2
Upcoming Vacancies: 0


We are not currently accepting applications for this board/commission.


The board consists of seven members appointed as follows:

Three (3) appointed by the Greenville City Council, to include one (1) seated member
Three (3) appointed by the Greenville County Council, to include one (1) seated member
One (1) member at large.

Members serve for three (3) years staggered terms.

To control, protect and promote the development of SCTAC, including the following:

  • Prepare and present land sales proposals to both City and County Councils
  • Rent lands and facilities for periods of two years or less
  • Establish the boundaries of the Center to control its access and in all other ways protect the integrity of the Center from encroachment, misuse, or damage
  • Develop long-range development plans and programs to fulfill the intent and agreements of the owners and to consider the proper marketing and uses of the Center
  • Maintain the properties and facilities to serve the purpose of the Center’s development and its general appearance

The Board has the following authorities:

  • To employ staff to operate, maintain, protect, develop, and plan the development of the Center
  • To enter in contracts and agreements to secure equipment, goods, supplies, and services
  • To prepare an annual report for the public of its activities, income, and development status and submit it to City and County Councils.
  • The Board holds monthly meetings and submits minutes of the meetings to the chairman and to each member of City and County Councils and to other officials as may be considered appropriate
  • To publish a comprehensive policy and operational procedure manual to guide its members and others in the operations and management of the Center

The Board meets at the SCTAC corporate office, ONE North Main Street, Suite 201, Greenville. See calendar for details.