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Clerk of Court
Jury Duty
Failure To Appear for Jury Duty

This section applies only to those jurors summoned by the Greenville County Clerk of Court.

If you receive a summons for jury duty from the Clerk of Court for Greenville County, then you should promptly complete and return any forms included with the summons.

If you feel you are disqualified or exempt from jury service, then you should read the section on Disqualifications and Exemptions. If the week for which you have been summoned is a particularly bad week, then you should look for the section entitled Postponement of Jury Service.

According to the S. C. State Laws, if an individual is summoned to attend jury duty, in any court, and fails to appear on the scheduled date without sufficient excuse, that person may be required to pay a fine or other penalties imposed by the judge. In addition, the judge may require the Sheriff's Office to come to your home or place of business to escort you to the Courthouse.

Please, do not ignore or forget about a summons to jury service. The court system needs your help and appreciates your cooperation.