Greenville County
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Clerk of Court
Jury Duty

Welcome to jury duty for Greenville County Circuit Court. As citizens of the South Carolina, and of the United States, each of us has an obligation to the American system of justice for the right to a trial by jury made up of persons representing a fair cross-section of the community. Along with our voting privilege, jury duty is one of the most important duties of citizenship, and one we hope you will accept with pride. It requires no special skills or legal knowledge, but only that you are honest, impartial, and willing to keep an open mind.

We recognize that jury duty sometimes requires sacrifices and may mean rearranging schedules, canceling appointments, or missing work. Yet serving as a juror is an important civic and community duty, as well as a privilege and responsibility of living our great country. Those who serve as jurors have an opportunity to see the courts in action and to actively participate in a fundamental democratic process.

We have designed this web site to provide information about all aspects of jury duty, and to help make jury duty as convenient as possible. We hope that the information provided on the following pages are helpful and that your term of jury duty will be interesting, educational, and satisfying.

Most Sincerely,

Brice Garrett
Clerk of Court
Greenville County of Greenville