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Clerk of Court
Criminal - General Sessions
Copies of Public Record Documents

The Clerk of Court’s Office houses court documents for General Sessions (higher) court cases. We do not keep the records for Magistrate/Municipal Court cases. Documents which are not sealed are public record.

To order copies, please email coccriminalrecords@greenvillecounty.org . Copy requests are accepted in person in our office or via email only. Please be sure to include the arrest warrant and/or indictment number for the case and state the specific documents you are requesting. This information may be researched on the Public Index, www.13th-judicial-circuit.org. Our online records go back to 1984. Please note that on the Public Index, the arrest warrant number will be referred to as the “case” number.

Emailed copies of documents already scanned can be sent free of charge, however at this time, we are unable to provide certified copies electronically. The cost for copies is $.25 per page and $1.00 per certification. Payment may be made via cash, money order, or cashiers check and is expected at the time the copies are made.

A certified copy is one that has been attested, or verified, by the Clerk of Court as a true copy of the original and includes the seal of the Clerk of Court.

The Criminal Records Department of the Clerk of Court is located in Suite 228 of the Greenville County Courthouse, at 305 East North Street. Regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for weekends and holidays.