Greenville County
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Clerk of Court
Jury Duty
Postponement of Jury Service
Postponement of Jury Service for Circuit Court Only – Does Not Apply to Magistrate/Summary Courts

Under S. C. State law, qualified citizens are required to perform jury service when summoned by the court. We know that jury service is inconvenient and somewhat of a hardship to everyone. However, if the week for which you have been summoned is a particularly bad week, then you might qualify for a one-time transfer to another week during the calendar year.

You may be transferred to almost any week during the current calendar year, but please keep in mind that some circumstances prevent the judge from transferring anyone. You will be notified by the Clerk of Court if your request is granted along with the new date for appearance.

If you would like to request this transfer to another term of court, please complete the Postponement Request Form and follow instructions on the form to submit by email or print and fax to 864.467.8555. In addition, please complete the summons form and return it to the court in the postage paid envelope. A letter of confirmation will be mailed to you. Should you receive a summons with the new date, please complete again all the information on the juror summons and return in the envelope provided.