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Approval of Property for Use in Surety Bonds

As a surety on a "surety bond" you assume the financial responsibility for the amount of a bond that has been set for a person. You do so by pledging your cash or real estate as collateral for the bond. In addition to assuming financial responsibility for the bond amount, you are guaranteeing the appearance of the person on the appropriate date and time they are summoned to court. If that person fails to appear in court or violates the conditions of their bond, a judgment can be levied on the surety’s property by the State.

When a person desires to use property for a surety bond, all Property Owner(s) must appear in person (with a picture ID) at the Clerk of Court’'s office, Criminal Records Department, to complete an "Application for Pledge of Real Estate for Surety Bond". No other documents can be completed or filed until the application process has been completed. You must have the warrant number(s), charge and bond amount to complete the application. Please read carefully the link below for detailed Property Owner Instructions for Pledge of Real Estate for Surety Bond.

If you do not have property or sufficient equity to post property for a surety, you may choose to contact a local bonding company, or you may post the full amount of the bond in cash.