Greenville County
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Clerk of Court
Civil - Common Pleas

Foreclosures actions are filed with the Clerk of Court and are generally referred to the Master-in-Equity for decisions and for sale of property. Information, copies, and dates of sale are available at the Master-In-Equity’s office located on the third floor of the new judicial wing of the Greenville County Courthouse in downtown Greenville.

Foreclosures actions are initiated with the filing of a lis pendens (Latin for "a suit is pending"). The purpose of a lis pendens is to notify the public that a claim or lawsuit is being filed, or has been filed, against a person or business and their property. Thus, a lis pendens functions as a "cloud upon the title" on the property potentially being foreclosed upon.

When filed alone, a lis pendens filing requires payment of a ten-dollar ($10.00) fee to the Clerk of Court. When filed along with a summons and complaint and its required one hundred and fifty dollar ($150.00) filing fee, there is no additional fee for the lis pendens.

Photocopying machines are available for public use. The cost for photocopies is twenty-five cents ($.25) per page. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money order or business check. The Clerk of Court does not currently accept credit or debit cards as payment.