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Nonjury Trials

Nonjury trials are cases being tried in full in front of a judge, but without a jury. Testimony of witnesses is taken and exhibits are introduced.

A nonjury trial is automatically placed on a trial roster 9 to 12 months after the date it was filed. Your attorney will contact you when your case is placed on a roster to let you know when and where to appear. If you are acting Pro Se - that is you are representing yourself - you will receive a written notification when your case is placed on a trial roster. You may check your trial roster using the following link:

Nonjury Motions

Motion hearings are specific points of law being brought before a judge before a case goes to trial. In most cases, no live testimony is taken, although written affidavits might be submitted as to facts relevant to the point of law being argued.

Motions are submitted for filing to the Clerk of Court by an attorney or pro se party in a case. Attorneys should send the documents electronically through e-filing and pro se parties should submit a hard copy with original signature to the Civil Records Office of the Clerk of Court either via US Mail or over the counter. Usually within 24 hours after the Clerk receives a Motion, if a hearing is requested it will be assigned a date and time for hearing before a Circuit Court Judge. A Notice of Roster Publication will be sent to all appearing attorneys and pro se parties either via e-mail or US Mail notifying them of the date, time and location of the hearing. The scheduled hearing date will be at least 10 days after the date of filing the motion, except in emergency situations.

Please note that there is a $25 filing fee due at the time of filing for each Motion, unless it is exempt. In addition, a properly filled-in Form SCCA233 - Motion and Order Information Form and Coversheet must accompany each paper Motion at the time of filing. Motions filed by an attorney must be e-filed. E-filed Motions will automatically trigger a $25 charge to the filing attorney’s credit card and no cover sheet is required.

For information about court schedules and other docket information, please visit the Clerk of Court’s Court Support page.