Greenville County
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Lost Dogs

GenderBreedColorsCityLost AtDate LostPicture
Female Not Found Tan Inman Hwy 357 2/9/2023
Female Unknown Brown, Black Greenville Rutherford st 2/5/2023
Female Unknown Brown, Black Greenville Rutherford st 2/5/2023
Male Unknown Tan, White Greenville Valentine street 2/4/2023
Female Unknown Brown Travelers rest Yes 2/4/2023
Male Unknown Tan/black Inman Hwy 357 2/2/2023
Male Unknown Black, White, Grey Spartanburg 295 2/2/2023
Female Not Found Yellow Greenville Laurens Rd and Henderson Rd 2/2/2023
Male Unknown Golden Lyman 2/2/2023
Female Unknown Brown and white Downtown Simpsonville Main St., Simpsonville 2/1/2023
Female Unknown Brown Marietta 1/31/2023
Male Unknown Black, Tan, White Lyman 1/31/2023
Female Unknown White, Brown Startex Hickory and old Spartanburg 1/30/2023
Female Not Found Black, White, Brown Woodruff Peanut rd and hwy 221 1/29/2023
Female Unknown Black Wellford 1/28/2023
Female Unknown Brown, Black, White Taylor’s Wade Hampton 1/28/2023
Male Unknown Grey/blue, White Taylors Rutherford wade hampton 1/28/2023
Male Unknown White Easley 1/28/2023
Female Unknown Tan, White Spartanburg 1/28/2023
Male Unknown White Moore, SC 290/221 1/27/2023
Male Unknown Grey and white Greenville 1/27/2023
Male Not Found Brown Boiling Springs 1/27/2023
Male Unknown Dark grey Inman Wilkie bridge rd 1/26/2023
Female Unknown Tan brown Taylor's Edward mills 1/24/2023
Male Unknown Brown/, Gray, Black Moore Anderson mill Blackstock 1/23/2023
Male Unknown White, Brown, Black Greenville 1/23/2023
Male Unknown Black, White Greer 1/23/2023
Male Not Found White Spartanburg 1/22/2023
Female Unknown Tan Daventon community Daventon Rd and 25 1/20/2023
Male Unknown Black Greenville Fair forest 1/20/2023
Male Unknown Black, White Chesnee Parris Bridge and Mountain View road 1/19/2023
Female Unknown Red, White Central Old Seneca hwy and Shemaiah Rd 1/17/2023
Male Unknown White, Beige Greenville White hrs 1/17/2023
Female Unknown Black, White on chest, Whit socks Chesnee Hwy 11 1/16/2023
Male Unknown Light blonde, White Greenville SC Poinsett Hwy 1/16/2023
Female Unknown White, Black Spartanburg Cromer St@ Hwy 215 1/15/2023
Female Unknown Brownish, White Greenville Creek shore rd 1/15/2023
Female Unknown White, Brindle Spartanburg 1/15/2023
Female Unknown Black, Beige Greenville Easily bridge road 1/15/2023
Male Unknown Tan, White Spartanburg Princeton st Union st Between South converse st 1/12/2023
Female Unknown Grey and white, Light brown Greenville 1/12/2023
Female Unknown Black Lyman Wade Hampton Blvd and Inman Lyman Hwy 1/12/2023
Female Unknown Brown Greenville 1/12/2023
Male Unknown Brown/blue Spartanburg Gosset rd 1/11/2023
Female Unknown Gray, White Greenville Poinsett highway 1/10/2023
Male Unknown Brown Greenville Whitehorse rd 1/8/2023
Female Unknown Blonde, Brownish Boiling sorings 1/8/2023
Female Unknown Black Marietta Greer hwy 1/6/2023
Male Unknown brownish red easley 123 1/6/2023
Male Unknown beigh, black Duncan E Victor Hill RD 1/5/2023
Female Unknown black and white Duncan E victor hill rd 1/5/2023
Female Unknown Tan Spartanburg Pine st and isom st 1/2/2023
Male Unknown Black, Brown Greer 1/2/2023
Female Unknown Grey, White, Black Greenville W Bramlett Rd 1/2/2023
Female Not Found Black, Brown Piedmont Whitehorse rd 1/1/2023
Female Not Found White, Brindle Simpsonville 1/1/2023
Female Unknown White Mauldin Forester drive 1/1/2023
Female Unknown Brindle Trsvelers Rest Hwy 25 1/1/2023
Male Not Found Brown, White, Black Chesnee/ Boiling Springs Suttles Rd/Peachtree Rd 12/31/2022
Male Unknown Gray brown whit, Brindle Travelers Rest Highway north 25 12/31/2022
Male Unknown White, Light brown Spartanburg 12/31/2022
Male Unknown light brown greenville orlando ave 12/31/2022
Male Unknown Tan Greer 12/30/2022
Male Unknown Creamy white FOUNTAIN INN Coachman drive & Canterbury trail 12/29/2022
Female Unknown White, Black Piedmont Bessie road 12/27/2022
Female Unknown White and black, Gray Woodruff Georgia rd 101 12/21/2022
Female Not Found Black, Brown, White Greenville West Washington and mulberry 12/21/2022
Male Unknown Brown, Black white, Missing hair Greenville 12/7/2022
Female Unknown Tan, White Travelers Rest Jackson Grove Rd 11/25/2022
Male Unknown White, Black Moore 417 11/22/2022
Male Unknown Black, White Woodruff 221 11/18/2022
Female Unknown White Saluda, NC Shop Creek Court and Trammel Gap Rd 11/2/2022
Male Unknown Black Fountain Inn Greenpond and Tall Pines 10/31/2022
Female Unknown Black, Tan, Some white Six mile Walhalla hwy 10/23/2022
Female Unknown Grey/brown, Carmel/ light b Easley 10/17/2022
Male Not Found Black, Brown, White Duncan Hwy 290 and S. Danzler Rd 10/7/2022
Male Unknown Black, White under his Greenville Roe rd greenville South carolina 7/20/2022
Male Unknown Ivory Greer Wade Hampton 3/1/2022
Male Unknown Fawn, White Greenville Highway 25 BYP 1/29/2022
Female Unknown Light Brown, White Taylors/Greer Wade Hampton 1/27/2022
Male Unknown Brown Greenville 1/10/2022
Male Not Found Brown, White Greenville 1/2/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Spartanburg Willis Rd 12/8/2021
Female Unknown Yellow, White, Brown muzzle Greenville E. Parkins Mill Rd. & Laurens Rd. 6/11/2018
Male Unknown Brown, White Greenville Agnew road and west marion road 11/28/2017
Female Unknown Dark brindle &, White Greenville Agnew road and west marion road 11/28/2017
Female Unknown White, Dark Brown Greenville 7/1/2017
Female Unknown wild boar, black/brown, white Spartanburg Simuel Road/Belton Drive 8/23/2015