Greenville County
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Lost Dogs

GenderBreedColorsCityLost AtDate LostPicture
Male Unknown Tan GREENVILLE 12/5/2021
Male Unknown Brindle, White Greenville Cherrydale 12/5/2021
Male Unknown White, Black, Tan Wellford Highway 290 and Howell Rd 12/5/2021
Male Unknown Tan, White Greenville Old Buncombe Rd near Publix 12/5/2021
Female Unknown White, Black Woodruff 12/4/2021
Male Not Found Brown Greenville East fairs and Catlin circle 12/3/2021
Male Unknown Whitish, Grey, Red under tones Spartanburg 12/1/2021
Male Unknown White, Black spots Spartanburg 11/30/2021
Male Unknown White, Black spots Spartanburg 11/30/2021
Male Unknown Black, White Greer Hwy 14 11/30/2021
Male Unknown Gray boiling springs/ spartanburg 11/29/2021
Unknown Unknown Reverse brindal Greenville White House rd 11/28/2021
Unknown Not Found Brown Greenville 11/28/2021
Female Unknown Brown Brindle, white Mauldin Butler Rd. and S Main St. 11/27/2021
Male Unknown white, grey woodruff hwy 26 11/26/2021
Female Unknown White Taylors 11/25/2021
Male Not Found Nlack, White Duncan 11/24/2021
Male Unknown Black Greenville 11/24/2021
Female Unknown Brown, White Boiling Springs 11/23/2021
Male Unknown black, white, grey Greenville Keith Dr. & Pleasantburg Dr. 11/23/2021
Male Unknown Black Greenville Pleasantburg Dr. & Keith Dr. 11/22/2021
Female Unknown Yellow and whit, Yellow and whit Spartanburg Cedar springs 11/21/2021
Male Unknown Black, Little white San Souci Old Buncombe rd 11/19/2021
Male Unknown White, Black Travelers Rest White Horse Rd 11/19/2021
Male Unknown Gold Simpsonville 11/19/2021
Male Unknown Gold, White Greenville HWY 253 11/18/2021
Male Unknown Black Cowpens East Main Street 11/17/2021
Male Unknown White, Black Greenville White horse rd & grove rd 11/17/2021
Female Unknown Brindle, Tan, Dark brown Mauldin 11/16/2021
Male Unknown White, Black Greer 101 and 296 11/16/2021
Male Unknown Tan, Black stripes, Brown Piedmont Augusta rd/ Bessie rd 11/16/2021
Male Unknown Brown Greenville 11/15/2021
Female Unknown White, Red Startex I85 11/14/2021
Female Unknown Blonde Berea Farrs Bridge Rd. 11/14/2021
Female Unknown Golden Simpsonville East Standing Springs/West Georgi 11/13/2021
Unknown Unknown Black, White, Ticked patched Greer Barnett Rd/ Babb Rd 11/13/2021
Female Unknown White, Black Roebuck 221 11/13/2021
Male Unknown Black, Carmel on feet Spartanburg E main st and s30 11/13/2021
Female Unknown White, Tan Greenville Lauren’s rd x Webster rd 11/12/2021
Male Unknown Brown Taylors 290 11/12/2021
Female Unknown White, Black Spartanburg I 85 11/12/2021
Male Unknown Black GREER Wade Hampton Blvd 11/11/2021
Male Unknown Black Simpsonville 11/11/2021
Male Unknown Black, Brown Spartanburg Hwy9 11/11/2021
Female Unknown Brownted, Black muxed, White Easley Auston woods circle 11/11/2021
Female Unknown White and grey Greer 11/10/2021
Male Unknown Reddish Greenville 11/9/2021
Male Unknown Grey, white Jonesville Rogerstown Rd & Tbishop Rd 11/8/2021
Female Unknown Tan, Blonde, Red Spartanburg 85 11/8/2021
Female Unknown Blonde Berea/Greenville White horse road 11/8/2021
Male Not Found Brown, White Mauldin 11/8/2021
Male Unknown Grey, White Piedmont/Greenville 25 11/8/2021
Female Unknown White, Brown, Black Greenville Piedmont Park & West Belvue 11/7/2021
Male Unknown Grey, White Greenville 11/5/2021
Female Unknown Chocolate brown Greer Pink Dill Mill Road/Jordan Road 11/5/2021
Female Unknown Black, Light brown, Some white Greenville Wade Hampton and s Watson 11/4/2021
Male Unknown White, Grey Boiling springs Hwy9 11/3/2021
Male Unknown Gold, White spot head Easley Hey 153 11/3/2021
Female Unknown Gold Piedmont, SC Hwy 86 and River Rd. 11/3/2021
Female Not Found Black and brown Spartanburg 11/3/2021
Male Unknown Grey streak on Greer 290 & Robinson rd 11/2/2021
Female Unknown all black. Woodruff 11/1/2021
Unknown Not Found Grayish black, White, Red tint in sun Woodruff 221 10/29/2021
Female Unknown Black, Grey hairs Easley Highway 81 to highway 153 but closest to fire dept 10/29/2021
Male Unknown Black, White Travelers Rest Hwy 25 and Bates Crossing 10/20/2021
Female Unknown Blue, White Lexington Nazareth Rd 10/17/2021
Male Unknown black, white, gray Simpsonville 10/15/2021
Female Unknown Brindle Greenville Roper mountain extension and Pelham Road 10/15/2021
Female Unknown Brindle Chesnee 10/15/2021
Female Unknown White Greer, sc Right off Exit 60 10/8/2021
Female Unknown Brown and white Gray court sc Big ears an saggy nipples 10/1/2021
Female Not Found Black Greenwood, SC 9/25/2021
Male Unknown Orangish Tan Mauldin SC E Butler Rd and Bethel, Mauldin SC 7/4/2021
Male Unknown Gray, Black, White chest Greenville Batesville Rd & The Parkway 5/8/2021
Male Unknown White, Na, Na Pineville Lancaster Highway and Rudolph Place Drive 12/31/2020
Male Unknown Black, Tan, White Cross SC 11/1/2020
Female Unknown Yellow, White, Brown muzzle Greenville E. Parkins Mill Rd. & Laurens Rd. 6/11/2018
Male Unknown Brown, White Greenville Agnew road and west marion road 11/28/2017
Female Unknown Dark brindle &, White Greenville Agnew road and west marion road 11/28/2017
Female Unknown White, Dark Brown Greenville 7/1/2017
Female Unknown wild boar, black/brown, white Spartanburg Simuel Road/Belton Drive 8/23/2015