Greenville County
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Animal Care Services
Lost Dogs

GenderBreedColorsCityLost AtDate LostPicture
Female Unknown White Spartanburg Carolina country club rd 10/4/2022
Female Unknown White Chesnee Hwy 11 and Peachtree 10/3/2022
Male Unknown White, Black, Brown Greer sc Wade Hampton / Mt Vernon Rd 10/3/2022
Male Unknown White Greenville White Horse rd and Staunton bridge rd 10/2/2022
Female Unknown White, Black Greenville Haywood rd and east north st 10/2/2022
Female Unknown Black, Tan Greenville Saluda lake rd and elmhurst 10/2/2022
Male Unknown Grey, White simpsonville Stolen Fairview Harrison bridge rd 10/1/2022
Male Unknown Black & white, Brown Greer Hwy 101 & Brockman Rd 10/1/2022
Male Not Found Tan, Brown Greer Hwy. 14 and Buncombe Rd. 10/1/2022
Male Unknown White, Black, Brown Pickens Gentry memorial hwy 9/30/2022
Female Unknown Black Easley Mccallister and brushy creek 9/27/2022
Female Not Found White, Black Greenville Michaux and Feris 9/26/2022
Male Unknown Gray Mauldin Ashmore Bridge rd. 9/26/2022
Female Unknown Brindle Simpsonville Fork Shoals Rd 9/24/2022
Female Not Found Brown, White Boiling springs 9/22/2022
Male Not Found Golden Woodruff 9/20/2022
Male Not Found Grey, Black, White Greer woodruff border Bragg rd and woodruff rd 9/20/2022
Male Unknown Tan, White Reidville 9/19/2022
Female Unknown Black/gray, Gray Greer 9/18/2022
Male Unknown Black, Tan Greenville Whitehorse rd and Rangeview circle 9/17/2022
Female Unknown Brown/black Greenville 9/17/2022
Female Unknown Tan, White Duncan Duncan reidville rd, Rodgers Bridge rd 9/16/2022
Unknown Unknown Black Honea Path 9/15/2022
Male Unknown Black, White Duncan 9/14/2022
Male Unknown Brown, Black Mauldin Ashemore Bridge Rd 9/14/2022
Female Unknown Black Greer Wade hampton 9/12/2022
Male Unknown Red/brown, White Marietta Freeman bridge rd 9/11/2022
Male Unknown Brown Mauldin 9/11/2022
Female Unknown Strawberry blon Inman Mason road 9/10/2022
Female Not Found Brown, Black, White Williamston Fairview Rd and South St 9/10/2022
Female Unknown Tan, White Piedmont Hwy 86 & Piedmont Hwy 9/8/2022
Male Unknown Silver/gray, Brown face Elgin Two notch and old two notch 9/8/2022
Female Unknown Lifgt brown Pickens 183 9/8/2022
Male Unknown Black, Brown Greenville Cedar lane / blue ridge road 9/6/2022
Male Unknown black, gray muzzle Belton Hwy 20 9/5/2022
Female Unknown Tan Greenville 9/4/2022
Male Unknown Tan, White, Black Greenville Edwards Rd and N. Pleasantburg 9/2/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Cowpens Cowpens 9/1/2022
Male Unknown Black, Grey Greenville 8/19/2022
Male Unknown brown, white greenville pelham and haywood 8/19/2022
Male Not Found Black Simpsonville Fairview dr 8/18/2022
Female Unknown Tan, White Moore 8/1/2022
Female Unknown Black, Light brown, Grey Taylors Hwy 414 and S. Barton Rd 6/10/2022
Female Unknown black, white spartanburg woodburn and Andrews Farm Rd 3/31/2022
Male Unknown Ivory Greer Wade Hampton 3/1/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Spartanburg Willis Rd 12/8/2021
Female Not Found Black Greenwood, SC 9/25/2021
Male Unknown Reddish brown, White Piedmont Piedmont hwy 9/13/2021
Female Unknown Yellow, White, Brown muzzle Greenville E. Parkins Mill Rd. & Laurens Rd. 6/11/2018
Male Unknown Brown, White Greenville Agnew road and west marion road 11/28/2017
Female Unknown Dark brindle &, White Greenville Agnew road and west marion road 11/28/2017
Female Unknown White, Dark Brown Greenville 7/1/2017
Female Unknown wild boar, black/brown, white Spartanburg Simuel Road/Belton Drive 8/23/2015