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Animal Care Services
Affordable Spay/Neuter

Welcome to Greenville County Animal Care Clinic, your trusted partner in high quality, low-cost spay/neuter services for pets living in Greenville County. Affordability is a core principle at our clinic, and we believe spaying and neutering should be accessible to everyone in Greenville County. Our simple, transparent pricing and variety of free and low-cost options to safely fix your pet make it easy for owners to do the right thing for their animals and make a positive impact on the Greenville County community.

Due to the overwhelming needs for accessible spay/neuter within Greenville County, we can no longer provide spay/neuter and other veterinary services to pets/pet owners living outside of Greenville County. Click here for a list of low-cost spay/neuter programs in the surrounding areas.


Spay/Neuter Services We Provide
Ear Tipped Cat
Outdoor Community Cat TNR – FREE!

We will spay or neuter free-roaming outdoor community cats at no cost to citizens of Greenville County on a first-come, first-served basis. There are NO income restrictions. This service includes free core vaccines. Click here to get the details.


Public Assistance Spay-Neuter – FREE!

No one in Greenville County should have to forgo this essential service due to financial constraints. We offer FREE spay/neuter services to Greenville County residents who meet low income standards. This service includes free core vaccines.
Learn if you qualify


Fix-A-Pit Program petco Love Support
Fix-A-Pit for Free!
(This new targeted program has replaced the free large dog program for 2024)

Owners of Pitbull & Pitbull mixes living in Greenville County benefit from our FREE spay/neuter program. There are NO income restrictions. This service includes free core vaccines.


Veterans Spay-Neuter Program
Greenville County Veterans Spay-Neuter – FREE!

Your service and sacrifice are deeply appreciated. Thank you for allowing us to honor your commitment by providing FREE spay-neuter services for your beloved pets. We do restrict this free service to veterans who currently live in Greenville County, SC. This service includes free core vaccines.


Low-Cost Spay-Neuter

If you do not qualify for our free spay/neuter programs, Greenville County Animal Care Clinic offers affordable pricing for spay-neuter services – available to Greenville County residents only.

Cats & Kittens

Puppies & Dogs up to 80 pounds

Dogs Over 80 pounds

How It Works
  • With the exception of our Community Cat TNR Program all spay/neuter services are completed by appointment only. You can now request a spay/neuter appointment online.
  • On the day of your confirmed appointment, arrive to our clinic by 8:00am. Check-in can take 30 minutes or more once it begins. Please plan your day accordingly.
  • Dogs must be on a leash and under your control at all times. Cats must be in an individual pet carrier.
  • The spay/neuter procedure is performed under general anesthesia by a licensed veterinarian. Every patient receives quality pain medication during surgery and is monitored before, during, and after surgery by trained veterinary technicians and assistants.
  • Check-out begins at 3:00pm. Details about pick-up and post-surgery instructions will be outlined in your confirmation and reminder emails. You may have to wait 30 minutes or longer to pick up your pet. Plan accordingly.
  • Check-out ends at 4:00pm. We do not have the capability to house surgical pets overnight. If you do not arrive by 4:00pm, you will be charged a $75 emergency overnight boarding fee.
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