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The Spay That Safed a Life
Bella and Nikki
Bella and Nikki await the arrival of the family's new baby

This holiday season, one very special dog and her owner received the greatest gift of all — the gift of a life saved — and they have YOU to thank for it.

Bella and her mom, Nikki, are new residents of Greenville County. Before they moved to this area, Bella had birthed two litters of puppies. Her mom wanted to do the right thing and had tried getting her spayed before, but she was living on a tight budget and the surgery costs were so expensive where she lived previously that she just couldn’t afford it.

When she moved to Greenville, one of the first things that she did was look for a way to get her dog fixed inexpensively. A friend told her about Animal Care’s new program where any large breed dog can be fixed for free and she jumped on the opportunity!

During Bella’s spay procedure we discovered a very large cyst, filled with blood, that weighed about three pounds, attached to her ovary. With additional funding from the Second Chance Fund, our medical team removed the cyst and performed a life-saving surgery that day.

Bella’s mom shared this message with us and we want to pass it on to you. “I am extremely grateful for the programs at Animal Care that saved Bella’s life! And if it wouldn’t have been free I would have never been able to get her spayed or known about her cyst. This was the best Christmas gift I could ever imagine getting... and just in time to share my love of Bella with a new baby on the way!”

Your ongoing support to Animal Care’s Second Chance Fund saved Bella’s life and continues to save so many others we see come through our doors every single day. Bella and Nikki’s holiday wish is that you will continue your support of this very important fund by giving as generously as you can.

Donations made to the Second Chance Fund are tax deductible in accordance with IRS Publication 526 under donations made to local governments for purposes of public good. Each year Greenville County Animal Care advances its mission of humane animal care in our community. We greatly appreciate our partners, friends and supporters such as you who generously give to help us make a difference.


We are so thankful that you wish to make a donation to the Second Chance Fund. If you have any questions or trouble filling out this form, please email or call 864.467.3986.


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