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Welcome to Greenville County, a No-Kill Community

Greenville County Animal Care is now part of a no-kill community and, we need your help to keep it that way! What does "no-kill" mean? It means that every healthy and treatable animal is saved. Thanks to support from our citizens, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Any agency or organization can call itself "no-kill" simply by limiting the animals that can enter their facility, but sustaining a no-kill community in Greenville County means that the entire community and its animal welfare organizations take an equal share in helping all of Greenville County's homeless pets find homes.

Working hand in hand with our truly wonderful community, we are aggressively moving forward with building more life-saving outcomes and reducing the number of dogs and cats having to enter into animal shelter organizations. Here is how we are doing it, and how you can help!

Increase Live Outcome

Animal Care makes adoption easy and affordable. All animals can be adopted for $35 all the time. This price includes spay and neuter, microchip and registration, vaccines, de-wormer, flea treatment, testing and more.

• Animal Enrichment: Through the Dogs Playing for Life program, cat play enclosures, and interactive toys for shelter pets and more, our animals are happier and less stressed. This not only improves their quality of life while staying in an animal shelter awaiting a home, it also means our calm, satisfied animals are more appealing to visitors and they are adopted more quickly.

• Special Promotions: Animal Care frequently offers adoption specials, often during the times of year when the shelter has an influx of animals entering the facility.

• Off-Site Adoption Events: Bringing the animals to all areas of Greenville County, giving them a higher amount of exposure to adopters.

• Free Pets for Vets: As a service to our veterans, all adoptions are free with a military ID.

Fostering is a major avenue for animals to find forever homes.

• Adoption Ambassadors: Take fostering to the next level and directly help find your foster pet a home.

• Foster to Wellness: Tender loving care for pets with "colds", injuries, or other medical issues makes all the difference in the world. After your great care, the happy, healthy pets can find homes.

• Itty Bitty Kitties: Kittens who are too young for adoption are placed in your care until they are old enough to find great homes.

• Doggy’s Day Out: Humans can take shelter dogs out for a day of fun, giving them relief from the stress of the shelter and exposure to more potential adopters.

Public Awareness:

Animal Care works diligently to get the greatest exposure possible through the media and social outlets, increasing public awareness of our facility, programs and adoptable pets.

• Social Media: Join the more than 40,000 people who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Animal Care works closely with more than 150 local, national and international rescue groups that are committed to exploring all options to provide pets with new homes.

Teaching students and the community about proper animal care and ways to help shelter pets helps create a better future for animals.

• Camp Animal Care: Educating children early and exposing them to shelter programs helps the next generation prepare to become better friends to animals.

Reduce Intake

Operating under the guidelines of the Trap-Neuter-Return method, which is the only proven way to effectively and humanely reduce cat overpopulation, the Community Cat Diversion program offers citizens of Greenville County access to free spay and neuter services for cats that live outdoors and are "free roaming".

• Lost & Found: Animal Care's aggressive lost and found program uses multiple platforms to help reunite owners with their pets before they end up in an animal shelter.

• Microchipping: We microchip each animal that walks through our doors, ensuring adopted animals will be reunited with their owners as quickly as possible. Microchips are available to the public for only $10.

Animal Care offers low-cost spay and neuter services to the general public and proactively addresses areas of our community with the highest amount of pet overpopulation through targeted spay and neuter options.

• Free spay and neuter surgeries for qualifying low-income Greenville County residents.

• Free spay and neuter surgeries for large dogs and puppies expected to be 40 lbs. or larger.

Greenville County Animal Care offers veterinary exams and other medical services at a reduced cost for qualified low-income pet owners, helping pets stay happy and healthy at home.

• Low-Cost Walk-In Vaccine Clinics: Offered every Tuesday at 5 pm, pet owners can get routine vaccinations, testing and flea and heartworm preventatives conveniently and at a low cost.

Surrender Prevention:

Animal Care exhausts all possible options to keep pets in their homes.

• Get Pet Help: A one-stop web page with advice on pet issues from behavior problems to life changes.

• Counseling: Professional counselors work with pet owners to make sure all possible resources have been exhausted before resorting to animal surrender.

• Pet Food Bank: When residents fall on hard times, the pet food bank helps pet and owner stay together during their temporary time of financial hardship.

• Medical Assistance: (future program) When an unexpected medical cost arises, owners can apply for assistance if they qualify.

Greenville County Animal Care is a key resource center for the No Kill South Carolina initiative that aims to reduce and eventually eliminate euthanasia in healthy and treatable companion animals in our state.

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