Greenville County
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Lost Cats

GenderBreedColorsCityLost AtDate LostPicture
Female Unknown Black, Tan, White Boiling Springs Highway 9 & Parris Bridge Rd 2/28/2024
Female Unknown Black, White Travelers Rest Brant rd/ McElhany 2/22/2024
Female Unknown Tortoise Shell, Black, Brown Greenville Ridge Road and Mauldin Road 2/20/2024
Male Unknown Brown/black Mauldin 2/20/2024
Female Unknown Black, White Greenville 2/15/2024
Male Unknown Grey, Black, White Simpsonville Neely Ferry Road and Harrison Bridge Road 2/13/2024
Male Unknown White, Brown Taylors Rutherford Rd 2/12/2024
Male Unknown Brown, White, Black Roebuck McAbee and Wingo rd 2/10/2024
Female Not Found Cream brindle Greenville Anderson Rd & White Horse Rd 2/9/2024
Female Not Found White, Tan, Dark brown Greenville 2/9/2024
Female Unknown Tabby, Calico, Albino Taylors East Lee rd 2/8/2024
Female Unknown White Black, Black, Tan/Brown Simpsonville Rocky Creek Rd 2/8/2024
Male Unknown Grey, White Greenville Haywood Rd and East North St. 2/6/2024
Male Unknown White, Gray Inman 2/6/2024
Female Unknown Tabby, Calico, Albino Taylors East Lee rd 2/5/2024
Male Not Found Solid Black, few white, hairs Greer 2/4/2024
Male Unknown White, Black, Orange collar Greer the Parkway & S Batesville Rd 2/4/2024
Male Unknown White, Orange Pelzer Cobb Rd and Grey Rd 2/4/2024
Male Unknown Grey Greenville Shelburne and Parkins Mill 2/3/2024
Male Not Found grey, white Greer Country Club Rd 2/3/2024
Male Not Found Black Greer Country Club Rd 2/3/2024
Male Not Found Yellow, Orange, White Greenville 2/2/2024
Male Unknown brown, white, black roebuck/spartanburg 221 2/1/2024
Female Unknown Gray, Brown Taylors 1/30/2024
Male Unknown Orange Taylors 1/30/2024
Male Unknown Black, Tan, Brown Greenville Pelham rd 1/30/2024
Male Not Found Black Tigerville 1/29/2024
Male Not Found White, Gray Boiling springs 1/29/2024
Male Unknown Brown, Black, Tan Easley Brushy creek rd 1/27/2024
Male Unknown Orange, Yellow Pacolet Highway 150 and Marilyn st 1/26/2024
Male Unknown Orange, White Greer Highway 101/417 1/26/2024
Female Unknown Gray Tortoise, Gray/cream Wellford, SC 1/23/2024
Male Unknown Black, White Greenville Rutherford 1/18/2024
Female Unknown Gray Piedmont Frontage Rd/ 1/17/2024
Male Unknown Gray, White Greenville Jones & Camille St 1/11/2024
Male Not Found White, Gray Greer Reidville road and hwy 101 1/10/2024
Male Unknown white, brown tabby Greenville Berkley Ave & N. Franklin 1/9/2024
Female Unknown grey, white taylors 1/6/2024
Female Unknown white, black, brown travelers res walmart/gooowill 1/2/2024
Male Unknown Orange and whit Anderson 1/1/2024
Male Not Found Mostly grey, Beige/white, Dark grey stipe Wellford Shady Grove Ln & Millwood Ln. 12/23/2023
Male Unknown Orange, Yellow Greenville Rutherford Road and North Main 12/9/2023
Male Unknown Orange, White Simpsonville Fairview Rd/Harrison Bridge Rd 12/8/2023
Male Unknown Ivory white, Gray, black Greer Hammett Bridge & Dillard Dr 11/15/2023
Female Unknown White, Some orange Greenville 10/9/2023
Female Unknown black and gray Berea Sulphur Springs Rd and Huntsbridge Rd 8/20/2023
Male Unknown Gray, White Boiling Springs Knollwood Acres Rd/Parris Bridge Rd 8/17/2023
Female Unknown Gray, Brown staining Boiling Springs Knollwood Acres Road/Parris Bridge Rd 8/13/2023
Female Unknown Black, Orange Boiling Springs Knollwood Acres Rd/Parris Bridge Rd 8/10/2023
Male Unknown Tan, Grey Greer Hammett Bridge Rd and Circle Dr 7/23/2023
Male Unknown Grey, White Travelers Rest Highway 11 and Highway 25 6/6/2023
Male Unknown White, Grey Roebuck Highway 221 4/15/2023
Female Not Found Black, White Easley Enon Church Road and Highland Rd 2/13/2023
Male Unknown Brown, Black Greenville Matton Ct 8/28/2021
Female Unknown Black, Orange, White Greenville Tanyard and State Park 11/15/2019
Female Unknown tabby piedmont fork shoals/ashmore rd 5/5/2019