Greenville County
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Found Dogs

GenderBreedColorsCity Found at Date Found Picture
Unknown Not Found Silver, White, Black Duncan Elwood / Ingleside 10/1/2022
Male Not Found Brown, Black Greenville Furman 10/1/2022
Male Unknown Black, White Greenville Old Augusta 9/30/2022
Male Unknown Light brown Fountain Inn 9/29/2022
Male Unknown White Taylors Piedmont Park and E Mountain Creek 9/29/2022
Male Not Found Gold Greenville 9/29/2022
Male Not Found Black, Brown, White Greenville Whitehorse rd 9/28/2022
Female Not Found Dark Gray, Light brown, White Greenville White Horse Rd. / Grove Rd. / Faris Rd. 9/28/2022
Female Unknown Blond Piedmont 185/153 9/28/2022
Female Unknown Blond Piedmont 185/153 9/28/2022
Female Unknown Brown Piedmont 153 and I185 southern connector 9/28/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Duncan 9/27/2022
Unknown Not Found Gray white Landrum Trade 9/27/2022
Male Unknown Brown, White Taylors Edwards mill and Reid school 9/27/2022
Male Unknown Brown GRE Poinsett hwy 9/26/2022
Male Unknown Brown Taylors Bridge Rd & Blacktop Rd 9/25/2022
Unknown Not Found yellow piedmont 9/25/2022
Female Unknown Black, Tan Marietta Freeman Bridge Rd and Smith Hill Rd 9/25/2022
Male Unknown Tan, White Boiling Springs Hanging Rock rd and Franklin Court 9/24/2022
Male Unknown Light brown, Black, White Greer W Wade Hampton and Dill Creek 9/24/2022
Male Unknown Brown, White Enoree 9/23/2022
Unknown Not Found White, Black Greer 9/23/2022
Female Not Found Black, White Greenville 9/23/2022
Female Not Found Light brown, White/cream, Blackish brown Tigerville Tigerville Rd. and 414 (NGU) 9/22/2022
Male Not Found Brown, White Duncan Duncan Reidville Road and Sunwater Drive 9/21/2022
Male Unknown Off white Mauldin Butler rd 9/21/2022
Female Not Found Brown/black Greenville Hwy 25 9/18/2022
Female Unknown White, Tan Greenville Laurens rd 9/18/2022
Male Unknown Brown, Black, Tan Simpsonville 100 Roseridge Dr 9/17/2022
Female Unknown Light brown, White Simpsonville 14 and woodruff 9/16/2022
Male Unknown Tan, White Greenville Pelham Rd/I85 9/16/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Greenville Easley Bridge Rd and Pendleton 9/16/2022
Male Unknown Reddish brown Greenville Woodruff and verdae 9/15/2022
Male Unknown Reddish, Brown Pickens Roanoke Rd/Belle Shoals 9/15/2022
Unknown Unknown Blonde Lyman Butler Rd/Hwy 357 9/14/2022
Male Not Found black Greenville White Horse and 253 9/14/2022
Male Unknown Brown, Black Duncan Off 290 Duncan 9/12/2022
Female Not Found Black, White spot Greenville Fabri Cal 9/12/2022
Female Not Found Black Greer Wade Hampton rd 9/12/2022
Female Unknown Brown, White Piedmont Cambpells Rd and Ray Rd 9/11/2022
Male Unknown White, Black Taylors Wade Hampton 9/11/2022
Male Unknown Black/brown Easley Highland rd/Roper Rd 9/11/2022
Female Unknown Black, Gray, N/A Greenville, SC Shannon Dr 9/11/2022
Male Unknown Blue and white Taylors Wadehampton blvd near Target in Taylor’s 9/11/2022
Male Unknown Light Brown Woodruff/Ft Inn 9/11/2022
Male Unknown Brown grey, Grey brown, Brownish grey Greenville Wade Hampton/chick springs road 9/10/2022
Female Unknown Tan, White Boiling Springs Bridge road and hanging rock road 9/10/2022
Male Unknown Tan, White Piedmont 9/10/2022
Unknown Not Found Yellow Greenville Feasted Rd 9/9/2022
Male Unknown White Spartanburg Nazareth Churh 9/9/2022
Male Unknown Cream Boiling Springs Indian summer lane 9/8/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Greenville 9/8/2022
Male Unknown chocolate, black, white Greenville south Charles dr and Augusta 9/7/2022
Female Unknown Red/Tan Greenville Whitehorse Road 9/7/2022
Male Unknown Brown Travelers Rest 253 and Old Mush Creek RD. 9/7/2022
Male Unknown Black, Tan Greenville Bluff drive/ creek lane 9/6/2022
Female Unknown White Greenville Cedar Lane Rd 9/6/2022
Male Unknown Tan, White Travelers Rest Keeler Mill Rd and Frank Brown road 9/6/2022
Female Unknown brindle, white taylors edward st and e lee road 9/5/2022
Male Unknown Black, Brown Greenville Augusta Road 9/5/2022
Male Not Found White, Beige Traverlers Rest 9/5/2022
Female Not Found Brendle Taylors Dill Road and Highway 290 9/5/2022
Female Not Found Dark brown Greenville Between hwy 123 and hwy 124 9/5/2022
Male Unknown Brown greenville poinsett highway 9/4/2022
Female Unknown Black, Tan Taylors 9/3/2022
Male Unknown Geay Greenville White Horse rd 9/3/2022
Male Not Found Tan, Black Greenville W Washington and s Hudson 9/3/2022
Male Not Found Black Travelers rest Tramrod trail and state park road 9/2/2022
Female Unknown Black, Tan, White Greenville Berea and Duncan 9/1/2022
Male Not Found Black Greer Wade Hampton and Ridgewood Dr 8/31/2022
Female Unknown Yellow Taylors Woodview Drive & Ike’s Road 8/31/2022
Female Unknown White, Brown Duncan 8/30/2022
Female Unknown Black Marietta Route 11 and HighRidge Parkway The Cliff's Mt Park 8/30/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Fountain inn Andrews and mccarter 8/30/2022
Female Unknown Gray, White Fountian inn 8/30/2022
Female Not Found Tan, White Greenville Woodruff road and rocky slope 8/29/2022
Unknown Unknown White Marietta Hart cut Rd and geer hwy 8/28/2022
Female Not Found Tan Easley Highway 86/Highway 81 8/28/2022
Male Unknown Black Greenville 8/27/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Fountain Inn Wilson Bridge Rd 8/27/2022
Female Unknown Black, White Greenville 8/26/2022
Unknown Not Found Brown Simpsonville Bethany Rd 8/26/2022
Unknown Unknown Gold/Yellow Greenville 8/26/2022
Unknown Unknown Brown, Gray Taylors Wade Hampton and Edwards Mill 8/26/2022
Male Unknown Black, Brown Duncan Reidville and Main st 8/26/2022
Female Not Found Brown, Gray Simpsonville Clear Springs Road and Epps Drive 8/26/2022
Male Unknown White Simpsonville Sullivan rd and west Georgia rd 8/26/2022
Unknown Unknown Charcoal Greenville 8/24/2022
Male Unknown Black brindle Piedmont 8/23/2022
Unknown Unknown Tan, Black Marietta Geer hwy/ long shoals rd 8/23/2022
Female Unknown Brown/Black, White belly, N/A Due West N/A 8/21/2022
Unknown Unknown White, Black, Brown Travelers Rest Old Buncome and 276 8/21/2022
Female Unknown Brown, White Travels rest/ greenville? 8/20/2022
Male Not Found Yellow Greer Hyw 101 N O'neil/Blue Ridge area 8/20/2022
Male Unknown white, black Easley near Tanglewood Middle School 8/19/2022
Female Not Found Brindle Greenville 8/19/2022
Female Not Found red Greer 8/18/2022
Female Not Found Black, Brown, White Boiling Springs Mason road 8/17/2022
Female Unknown Chocolate Pelzer Cooley Bridge and Augusta rd 8/15/2022
Male Unknown White, Black Greenville Mulberry St 8/15/2022
Female Unknown Black Mauldin 8/15/2022
Unknown Not Found Brown and white Greenville 8/14/2022
Male Not Found Tan Taylors Fews bridge rd and gum springs rd 8/13/2022
Male Unknown Grey and White Greenville 8/12/2022
Unknown Not Found Black & White Greenville Furman Road 8/12/2022
Male Unknown Red Pelzer, Holland Ford and Arden 8/11/2022
Male Unknown Brown, White Berea White horse road 8/9/2022
Male Unknown Black, White Easley SC 8/9/2022
Male Unknown Brown Greer 8/8/2022
Male Unknown Black Piedmont West Georgia Rd and Augusta 8/7/2022
Female Unknown white Simpsonville Neely Ferry Rd./Davenport 8/7/2022
Female Unknown Brown, Black, Tan Anderson Hwy 76 8/7/2022
Male Unknown Gray, Black Taylors 8/6/2022
Male Not Found Golden Simpsonville Windy Hill wedding venue 8/6/2022
Female Unknown Brown, White, Black Pickens 8/6/2022
Unknown Not Found Tan / Light Bro, White Taylors 8/6/2022
Male Unknown Black, Brown Spartanburg Asheville highway 8/6/2022
Female Unknown white,brown, black Spartanburg High St and Woodview Ave 8/6/2022
Female Unknown Brown, Black Greenville 8/6/2022
Male Unknown Brown, White Greenville 276/291 8/5/2022
Male Unknown Grey, White Simpson Granview and west Georgia 8/4/2022
Male Unknown Tan, Cream Campobello 8/4/2022
Male Unknown Gray, Black Greer 8/4/2022
Female Unknown Black, Gold Greenville South Pleasantburg and Mauldin Road 8/3/2022
Male Unknown tan and black Greenville Roper mountain rd 8/3/2022
Unknown Not Found Black Fountain inn 8/3/2022
Male Unknown White Woodruff Hwy 101 and hey 417 8/1/2022
Male Unknown Brown, White, Black Greenville Blue ridge drive, W Parker road 8/1/2022
Female Unknown Black Lyman, SC Wade Hampton 7/28/2022