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I Lost My Cat

Terms and Conditions for using Lost2Found text app.



Step 1

Click on the links above to look at the lost cats in the shelter and cats found by members of our community.

Step 2

If you have not already done so, text LOST to 864-467-3950. You will immediately begin receiving important information and links to everything you need to help you find your lost pet.

Step 3

If you cannot text, follow this checklist below.

  • Fill out a lost pet report on our website.
  • Check our list of found pets in the shelter daily.
  • You can make an appointment to walk through our shelter any time we are open by calling 864-467-3951. If you are unable to speak with someone right away, email with a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of your lost pet and a good phone number to reach you.
  • Go to Nextdoor, find your neighborhood, and post a picture and description of your lost cat. Scroll through your neighbor posts to see if any of your neighbors found your cat and posted it there.
  • There are many Facebook pages and websites where you can post your lost cat and search to see if anyone has found your cat.
  • PawBoost is like an AMBER Alert for lost pets. Millions of pet lovers have joined their Rescue Squad by signing up for localized lost & found pet alerts. More importantly, PawBoost has helped reunite over 1 million pets with their families. Posting is free, with optional premium services available.
  • Go to Craigslist Lost and Found postings to see if anyone has found your cat. You can also post a lost pet report there.
  • Register with Petco Love Lost, a free facial recognition app that allows you to upload a picture of your lost cat, report it as lost, and it will search all local shelters and display any results that resemble your cat.
  • Is your lost cat microchipped? If so, check with your microchip company to make sure your contact information is up-to-date. You can update your microchip information for free at
  • Animals that go missing are often found within a few blocks of their home and often found at a neighbor’s house. Go door-to-door and talk with your neighbors to see if they have seen your lost cat or post small flyers on neighbors' doors asking them to check under their decks or other possible hiding places.
  • Post large flyers at major intersections around your neighborhood. Make a flyer here.
Step 4

Did you successfully find your lost cat? If so, please follow these additional steps:

  • Text REUNITED to 864-467-3950 and get all of the information you need to ensure that if you ever lose your cat again, you will be reunited quickly.
  • If you cannot text, follow this checklist below:
    • Update everyone with the good news! Remember to remove all lost cat listings that you posted on our website, Facebook pages, Craigslist, Petco Love Lost, and elsewhere.
    • Be a good neighbor and remove any lost pet posters you may have hung around town.
    • Make sure your cat has a collar and ID tag on, especially if you let your cat outside often.
    • Get your cat microchipped!
    • Email, let us know you found your cat, and ask us for a coupon for a FREE microchip and PetHub ID tag. We will send you details on how to make an appointment!
    • If you signed up for our Lost2Found texting service, make sure you text STOP to 864-467-3950 so you no longer receive text messages.
    • If any of the tips and information you received through us helped you find your lost cat, please tag @GVLAnimalCare in your posts! We may just share your story to inspiration for others who may still be looking for their own lost pet.
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