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Subdivision Administration
Summary Plat Process

A minor subdivision is any division of land into 6 or fewer lots without the creation of public or private roads. Applicants are encouraged to submit a Summary Plat using the Online Permit Development Center-the County’s web portal for electronic submittals. The Online Permit Development Center also known as Cityworks is designed to streamline plan review, allow for online fee collection, and permit staff and applicants to track progress.

Application Process:
  1. Within two (2) days of submittal (three (3) days if submitted after noon), staff will review uploaded applications for completeness (“Initial Review”)
  2. Applicant will be notified via email of any deficiencies found during the Initial Review.
  3. Once any deficiencies have been addressed, the formal ten (10) day review process (“Review”) will begin and the Summary Plat will be distributed electronically to the internal members of Subdivision Advisory Committee (SAC) for review and approval.
  4. Upon completion of the Review process, all comments received will be forwarded in an e-mail to the applicant outlining required changes to the submitted plat. Plat revisions received before comments have been sent will not be reviewed.
  5. Upon receipt of the revised Summary Plat, an additional ten (10) day Review process will re-open to only those departments or agencies of SAC that previously denied the submittal
  6. Upon notification that the Summary Plat has been approved, the applicant will bring a paper Summary Plat to Subdivision Administration for approval and signature after which it may be recorded with the Greenville County Register of Deeds Office.
  7. Once recorded, the applicant will return the recorded Summary Plat to Subdivision Administration for final approval and routing.
  8. The applicant will be notified that they may pick up the plat or it will be mailed via USPS to the address provided once new addresses and tax map numbers have been issued.
Policy Updates:

The information provided on this website is only intended to be a resource. It is not intended to take the place of the Greenville County Land Development Regulations.
Click Here to view the Land Development Regulations.