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Subdivision Administration
Preliminary Plan Process

A major subdivision is any division of land into 7 or more lots or any subdivision of land that includes the construction of new street or new right of way, extension of public water or sewer system or the installation of drainage improvement to facilitate residential lot construction. All applications for major subdivisions must follow the Subdivision Review Calendar for submittals of Preliminary Subdivision for Planning Commission review and approval. The deadline for preliminary plan applications is the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon unless adjusted due to the holiday schedule. All preliminary plan applications must be submitted through the Online Permit Development Center – the County’s web portal for electronic plan submittals. The Online Permit Development Center is designed to streamline plan review, permit online fee collection, and allow staff and applicants to track projects.

Staff will review all applications for completeness upon submission. Applications received on the early submittal deadline provided on the Subdivision Review Calendar will be notified via email of any deficiencies. Applications received after the early submittal deadline will not be guaranteed early feedback. Applications that are initially submitted the week of the application deadline that is deemed incomplete will be rejected and will not proceed to the Subdivision Advisory Committee meeting.

Pre-submittal Meetings

Pre-submittal meetings are required for all projects within the unzoned area of Greenville county. Pre-submittal meetings are highly recommended, but not required for projects within the municipalities and zoned parcels. This is to identify the proper process and ensure that the applicant can meet approval criteria, therefore streamlining reviews. Pre-submittal meetings for subdivisions are scheduled with the Subdivision Administration in accordance with the Subdivision Review Calendar. Pre-submittal meetings are generally scheduled for 30-minute appointments on the 3rd Thursday of each month between 2-4 pm. The pre-submittal application deadline is always for the Friday before the scheduled pre-submittal meeting date but always consult the Subdivision Review Calendar for the actual date. See the Pre-submittal form below for details on the submittal requirements for pre-submittal meetings in zoned and unzoned areas. To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact the Administrative Support Specialist via email PSM Request.

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