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Subdivision Administration
Simple Plats

A simple plat is a division of one parcel of land into two lots where the parent parcel has not been subdivided since 2003 and the resulting lots meet the underlying zoning and/or Land Development Regulations. The summary plat application and the associated fee are required for simple splits that meet the following criteria:

  • The new proposed lots have existing non-residential uses or is zoned non-residential.
  • A summary plat may be required if the parcel is in a subdivision not approved by Planning Commission “larger common plan”. If applicable, the summary plat process must be followed and the plat approved by Planning Commission.

Application Process:
Simple plats are evaluated and can be approved at the counter if the plats meets all applicable regulations and requirements. However, simple plats located within the City of Fountain Inn, Mauldin, Travelers Rest and Simpsonville must be reviewed by the respective municipalities before the plats can be stamped and approved by Subdivision Administration which could take one to two days to process. Plats located within the City of Greenville and Greer are not approved by the Greenville County Subdivision Administration office. Simple plats are exempt from meeting stormwater requirements. Simple plat application and fees may also be submitted using the County’s Online Permit Development Center. Simple Plats submitted via email or by mail will not be accepted for review. Online applications are reviewed for completeness within two days of submission. If incomplete, the applicant will be notified via email of the required plat revisions. Once all staff comments are addressed and a revised plan submitted, the plat will be reviewed and approved within five business days or less

Additional Steps Once Approved:
After a simple plat is approved, the following steps apply. See County Square Map for location of applicable County offices.

  • Must be taken by citizen to be Recorded with Register of Deeds (Floor 2 Suite S-2100)
  • Then taken to Real Properties to have TMN’s assigned (Floor 1 Suite S-1000)
  • The plat can then be taken to E911 to have addresses assigned (Floor 4 Suite S-4500)

Submittal Requirements:

Policy Updates:

The information provided on this website is only intended to be a resource. It is not intended to take the place of the Greenville County Land Development Regulations.
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