Greenville County encourages those needing to pay taxes to avoid coming inside County Square.
Citizens can pay property taxes through the mail, the internet or by using the convenient dropbox located outside the Tax Office. The County accepts credit and debit card payments on our website, online.
From now until August 31, the County will waive the online service fee provided by SC.GOV, our third-party provider.
The service fee for Hospitality Taxes will also be waived until August 31st.
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Forensic Division
Crime Lab Section

The Department of Public Safety Forensic Laboratory conducts forensic examinations to include drug, ballistics, and DNA analysis. Employees prepare detailed reports of examinations to include the results of analysis and provide expert witness testimony in judicial proceedings for assigned casework. These services are generally only provided for law enforcement agencies in Greenville County. On a case-by-case basis consideration will be given to assisting law enforcement agencies outside of Greenville County.

The Drug Laboratory provides analysis of both marijuana and hard drugs. The caseload remains consistent and is completed within a very short window of time. Analysts are seeing more synthetic substances submitted for analysis. The compounds used in these substances are constantly changing and the Laboratory staff has to remain vigilant in knowing the legal status of these substances.

The Firearms Laboratory is the only law enforcement operated laboratory of this type in South Carolina aside from the SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) Firearms Laboratory. The Forensic Division Firearms Laboratory completed a safety and operational upgrade in 2010. Grant funding was used to finance this project. The Firearms Laboratory is a valuable asset to the law enforcement community and in addition to case analysis they provide investigative guidance to officers on a routine basis in firearms related matters.

In 2004, Greenville County entered into a partnership with Greenville Technical College to open a DNA testing laboratory for law enforcement purposes. Physical laboratory space was provided on the campus of Greenville Technical College. Grant funding was utilized for the majority of the financial support to open this laboratory. Greenville County agreed to provide staff and the financial support for operation of the laboratory. After encountering many challenges along the way, the DNA Laboratory achieved ISO 17025 accreditation through ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) in March 2011. With this accreditation, Greenville County became the third governmental DNA Laboratory to become accredited and operational in South Carolina. Since the DNA Laboratory officially opened, client agencies have been benefitted in many ways. The primary benefit has been the more expedited turnaround time for casework and the ability to prioritize cases based upon circumstances.