Greenville County
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Forensic Division
Mission and Quality Statements
Mission Statement

The Forensic Division Laboratory is committed to assisting Greenville County law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of criminal matters by providing services in crime scene processing and investigation, latent print comparison and identification, criminal analysis of drugs, ballistics, and DNA. In addition, the Forensic Division Laboratory operates a property and evidence facility for the Greenville County Sheriff's Office and Greenville Police Department. In special circumstances evidence is held for other agencies, on a temporary basis, pending analysis by the Forensic Division Laboratory.

It is imperative that all work conducted by the Department of Public Safety Forensic Division Laboratory is of the highest quality possible while congruent with the needs of the criminal justice community it serves. Technical competency can be achieved only by the combination of a number of components such as initial training, experience, supervision of casework, continuing education through professional development, proficiency testing, and an appreciation of the scientific protocol, all of which must be projected against a background of proper professional ethics. Each component is important and is overlapped with the others. One cannot embrace one single component of quality assurance and disregard all others. Quality assurance does not, and cannot rest on a single component.

Quality Statement

In keeping with this mission, the Forensic Division Laboratory is committed to providing the best quality service available to all members of the criminal justice community and the citizens we serve.