Greenville County
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Forensic Division
Crime Scene Section
Crime Scene

The Crime Scene Section responds, at the request of law enforcement agencies in Greenville County, to provide photographic documentation of the crime scene as well as locate, collect, and process physical evidence related to the incident. These services are offered on an equal basis to all law enforcement agencies in Greenville County. Crime Scene Investigators respond to scenes ranging from minor property crimes to those involving serious injury or death. On major crime scenes the Crime Scene staff utilizes a 3 dimensional scanning system to document the scenes and associated evidence for ultimate presentation in judicial proceedings. Additional scene responses, such as attending autopsies, are often required during an investigation.

The Crime Scene Section is staffed twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Employees are required to work rotating day and night shifts, weekends, and holidays. All employees of the Crime Scene Section are commissioned as police officers and certified by the State of South Carolina. Although not currently required, most employees have degrees in related fields of study and employment is highly competitive. Employees routinely receive advanced forensic training in areas such as blood spatter analysis, fingerprint processing, DNA evidence collection, trajectory, accident reconstruction, and homicide investigation.

Crime Scene Technicians are responsible for processing and packaging evidence collected from the crime scene along with the preparation of comprehensive reports detailing the crime scene investigation. Crime Scene Technicians are required to testify in judicial proceedings regarding their investigations and actions taken.