Greenville County
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Forensic Division

In the mid 1970’s Greenville County Council commissioned a study to review the efficiency of law enforcement services in Greenville County. As a result of this study the Police Service Bureau was born which consolidated many of the support services of County law enforcement such as communications/dispatch, training, records management, ID services, and a crime laboratory. The original organization was overseen by the Police Service Bureau Board.

Since the inception of this organization the scope and responsibilities have changed to meet the needs of County law enforcement and the community. The Department is currently known as the Department of Public Safety which is led by the Assistant County Administrator for Public Safety who reports to the Greenville County Administrator. Current areas of responsibilities within the organization are the Greenville County Detention Center, Records Management Division and Forensic Division.

The Forensic Division had a humble beginning with the inception of the Department. Originally the current Forensic Division was two separate entities, the ID Section and Crime Laboratory. The ID Section was responsible for responding to crime scenes to provide photographic documentation and the collection and preservation of physical evidence. Another assigned duty was fingerprinting arrested individuals and a significantly smaller number for individuals for civil purposes such job applicants and security clearances. The Crime Laboratory was originally staffed by two individuals, retired from the FBI, who offered the services of hair and fiber, document, and impression evidence analysis.

Over the course of time the needs of the law enforcement community have changed as have the ability of the scientific community. The introduction of the DNA Laboratory in 2011 has also brought about changes upon receiving accreditation under the ISO 17025 guidelines. The Forensic Division currently provides services in the areas of crime scene investigation/reconstruction, latent print/impression evidence analysis, drug analysis, ballistic analysis, DNA analysis, and the storage/managing of physical evidence.