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Voter Registration
Party Affiliation

In South Carolina, registered voters do NOT register by political party. In the primary, the voter will choose which party with which to participate. The voter may NOT participate with both political parties in a given primary (usually June of even-numbered year). Therefore, in the Presidential Preference Primaries, a voter can choose to vote with the one Party OR vote on with the other Party. This would be a voter’s choice in a Presidential Preference Primary. Again, a voter cannot vote in BOTH, even when the Presidential Preference Primaries are held on different days.

In June, for the primaries to nominate for other elections being held in November, the voter, on Primary Day (second Tuesday in June), will declare a political party with which to vote at the polling place to the Clerks conducting the primary. The choice in June does not have to be the same as was chosen in a Presidential Preference Primary. Voters are NOT listed as being “registered” with any political party. But, it should be noted that it IS public information which political party a voter participates. It is public as to the voter declaring (verbally) the party of choice for THAT primary, and, the records kept by the State Election Commission can be purchased by any registered voter who may request to purchase such a list of participants in the various political party primaries. There to no way a person’s VOTE (who they vote FOR) is known, but, participation in a Party primary or even participation in a General election is public information.