Greenville County
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Voter Registration
How do I file to be a candidate for office in Greenville County?

First, the potential candidate should contact the political party of choice (New Alliance Party, US Taxpayers Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party or Democratic Party) and find out which method of nomination is used (Convention or Primary election). Filing for primary election or proper entry into the convention processes begin in early spring of the year (March or April). Provided that all qualifications are met, then the political parties choose their candidates to represent them on the ballot.

Another way to get on the ballot is by petition. Submission of a petition with 5% of the registered voters signing will get a name on the ballot as a petition candidate.

Due to the complexities surrounding filing for office and other filing requirements, a potential candidate should contact the political party or the Election Office in Suite 1900 of County Square at 301 University Ridge, or call 864.467.7250 for detailed information.