Greenville County
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Engineering & Maintenance
Permitting, Reviews and Inspections

The Engineering Division performs several key regulatory functions.

Encroachment Permits

Encroachment permits are required for work on the County right of way including but not limited to driveway tie-ins, utility installations, drainage work, etc. Encroachment permits regulate the types of construction methods and materials allowed on County roads in order to maintain the structural integrity of the roads and protect the motoring public from potential dangers posed from unregulated construction on the right-of-way. An application for Encroachment Permit can be obtained from the Engineering office at County Square or downloaded from the Forms and Instructions page. Please call 467.7011 for more information on obtaining encroachment permits.

Encroachment Permit Inspections

Work performed under an approved County of Greenville encroachment permit is inspected as the work is being performed and again 9 months after the permit is issued. These inspections are to insure that any work performed in the County of Greenville right-of-way is done to County standards. Please call the Utility Permits Coordinator at 467.7018 for information on inspections.

Private Road Acceptance

At the request of property owners and/or developers wishing to give their road(s) to the County for permanent maintenance, Engineering staff perform inspections of private roads to determine the extent of work needed to upgrade the roads to public standards. Private roads must comply with the guidelines set forth in Chapter 18, Section 1 of Greenville County Code to be eligible for acceptance by the County. All costs associated with upgrading a private road to County standards must be borne by the property owners and/or developer(s). Please call 467.7010 for more information on private road acceptance.