Greenville County
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Engineering & Maintenance
Maintenance Activities

Activities performed by the county maintenance crews include:

Road Repairs

Asphalt repairs consisting of crack sealing, base repair, full-depth patching, and curb repair are performed on a County wide basis. The County maintains gravel /dirt roads, and repairs catch basins and potholes.

Bridge Repairs

The Bridge Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of several hundred bridges and large culverts in the County. This department performs scheduled repair/replacement of deteriorated structures and guardrail repair in addition to performing emergency maintenance and repair following major storms.


Following a regular schedule, the mowing crews work continuously through the year. Each road on their list is mowed approximately 2 to 3 times per year.

Ditch & Pipe Cleaning

The maintenance facilities are responsible for maintaining ditches and pipes in the County right-of-way. The crews perform scheduled maintenance and correct specific drainage problems limited to the County right-of-way. Off right-of-way drainage assistance projects are performed by a separate off right-of-way drainage crew.

Sign Replacement

The Sign Shop is responsible for maintaining over 15,000 traffic signs and road signs in the County. Replacement signs are fabricated in house. A full time crew travels throughout the County to make repairs and replace missing signs.

Tree Trimming

The maintenance facilities provide minor tree trimming on the road right-of-way.


Miscellaneous services provided by County maintenance crews include dead animal removal, minor road improvement projects, minor drainage improvement projects, traffic control, and construction support for CIP projects.