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Detention Center
Adult Inmate Visitation

The Greenville County Detention Center provides inmate visitation 7 days per week. Inmates are allowed to visit 2 times per week and visits are scheduled to occur in 30-minute intervals. Visits may be subject to Monitoring and Recording. Visitation types will vary based on the inmate’s housing assignment and may occur on a video monitor, via telephone receivers with visibility through glass barriers or through vented glass barriers. The following conditions apply for inmate visits:

  • Inmates are allowed up to three adults on their visitors list.
  • Inmates may update their visitation list once every 30 days.
  • Inmates are allowed two, 30-minute visits a week; a visit may include one adult and two minor children.
  • Visitors shall present a picture identification that must match the name on the inmate’s visitor’s list. Acceptable identification may include a driver's license, State ID Card, or other picture ID. A picture ID shall be surrendered and a visitors badge issued before the visitor is allowed into the facility. The badge shall be visible at all times while the visitor is inside the secure portion of the facility. When the visit is completed, the visitor shall return the visitor’s badge and their identification card shall be returned.
  • Employer or attorney visits do not count against the weekly visits of an inmate.
  • Visiting hours vary from housing location; if you are unsure which building the inmate is in, please contact 864.467.2330.
  • Leave all items, purses, bags, etc. in your vehicle or in the public lockers.
  • No cellular phone, cameras, purses, bags, tobacco products, lighters, flame producing devices, mace, chemical sprays, firearms, or weapons of any type are allowed in the facility.
  • All persons, bags, parcels are subject to search by Detention Staff.
  • Visitors must wear conservative clothing. Short-Shorts, miniskirts, bathing suits, halter tops, or other revealing clothing is prohibited and will prevent you from visiting.
  • All visitors are required to follow the instructions of the Detention Staff.
  • Providing or attempting to provide contraband, (as defined by SC Law #24-7-155), to an inmate is a felony and violators will be prosecuted.
Building One, Two and Four Visitation
  • Inmates housed in Building One, Two and Four, receive their scheduled visitation on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. The specific times shall be dictated by an inmate’s classification, status, housing area, and level of privileges, etc.
  • Only authorized visitors are allowed to schedule an appointment in person on the day of visiting. Visits may be scheduled every 30 minutes prior to the visitation time.
  • Visitors must check in with the Administrative Support Specialist at the respective building’s public lobby. Building Four visitors must report to the lobby of Building Two. You must be an approved visitor, have picture identification and the inmate has not already had two, 30-minute visits for the week. This applies to normal family-type visits; not to minister, employee, professional, special or other visits of this sort.

Building Four Visiting Hours

The Building Four Video Visitation Office, located in the Public Lobby of Building Two, is open from 8:00a.m. – 9:00p.m., 7 days a week. Visits will be available on a "First come, first serve" basis. Visits will commence upon your arrival at the facility without having to wait for a designated appointment time.

The following housing units are located in Building Four: SHU A-D, Unit 2A, Unit 2B, Unit 3A, Unit 3B, Unit 4A and Unit 4B.

Should the visitation booths in an inmate’s housing unit be occupied or if you arrive during a meal period, you will be asked to wait until a booth becomes available or the meal period in the housing has concluded. This wait shall never be longer than 30 minutes.

Restricted Hours for Attorneys, Bondsmen, Outside Agencies

Excluding court appearances, requests to sign out or to interview inmates shall not be honored during meal hours, which are:

  • Breakfast: 0530 - 0700 hours
  • Lunch: 1100 - 1230 hours
  • Supper: 1600 - 1730 hours

Excluding court appearances, requests to sign out or to interview inmates shall not be honored during institutional counts, recounts, or headcounts. Regular counts begin at:

  • 0700 hours
  • 1500 hours
  • 2200 hours
Professional Visitation

The following individuals may schedule professional visits with inmates at the Detention Center:

  1. Attorneys or Lawyers.
  2. Probation and parole agents.
  3. Law enforcement officers.
  4. Social service agencies, with the Jail Administrator's or designee's approval only.
  5. Any other professional requesting to interview inmates. Some may need approval from the Jail Administrator or designee prior to being allowed to visit.

Professional visits may be scheduled in person at the Detention Center, by telephone at (864) 467-2370 or via email at Normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Some exceptions may be made depending on circumstances. Attorney's needing to visit during restricted times, must contact the Professional Visitation Clerk 30 minutes prior to the restricted time and the inmate will be made available. Requests for visits during non-business hours may be made in advance through the Professional Visitation Clerk or by telephone at (864) 467-2300.

Minister Visits
  1. Ministers may visit with inmates during the normal operating hours of Reception Control, Main Control and Video Visitation Control, Monday through Sunday. These visits are non-contact visits and are dependent on available slots during the requested time.
  2. If the Building Two inmate visiting room is in use during these hours, Ministers may visit in the Building One main lobby visiting room. Ministers may also utilize the Building One main lobby visiting room when Video Visitation Control is fully occupied or closed.
  3. On the first minister visit, persons identifying themselves as Clergy must present a Clergy ID card or other documentation signifying clergy (i.e. Business Card, Church Bulletin, and/or Certificate of Ordination) if requesting to visit an inmate. The Clergy ID card or other documentation signifying clergy (i.e. Business Card, Church Bulletin, and/or Certificate of Ordination) shall be valid, and leave no doubt that the person presenting the documentation is from the Clergy. A pictured ID shall also be presented. Ministers are required to obtain an inmate visitor’s badge in exchange for a picture ID card to visit an inmate in Building One.
  4. Ministers should be allowed to visit for a reasonable time. However, their visits shall not conflict with other GCDC visiting policies, such as separation of adult and male and female inmates. The Watch Commander may approve a minister's visit at any other time in the event of an emergency involving death or life-threatening illness of an inmate's immediate family member.
  5. At the conclusion of a minister’s first visit, the Clergy must be given an Application for Ministerial Visitation Approval Form to be completed and returned to the Detention Center. Completed applications are to be given to the Support Services Sergeant or Lieutenant. Once an application is received, the minister will be notified of the approval/denial in writing within 10 days. An approved ministers list will be maintained in Reception Control for reference. All approved ministers will only need to present their picture ID to receive future visits.
  6. Ministers that are relatives of inmates will be allowed only one minister visit. Following this visit, the inmate will be required to place the relative on their regular visitation list to receive additional visits.
Visitor Complaints

Visitor complaints arising from visiting schedules, physical plant arrangements or treatment by Detention staff shall initially be handled by the Reception Control Clerk. If the complaint cannot be resolved; visitors may request to speak with the Watch Commander.

Visitors may also submit their concern to Detention Center Administration by clicking the following link: