Greenville County
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Detention Center
Money Deposits

The Greenville County Detention Center provides multiple means for inmates to receive funds from members of the public. These funds allow inmates the ability to purchase a variety of items and services while detained at the facility. These deposit methods offer convenience to the public and in most cases allow for immediate accessibility of funds by the inmates. The methods for depositing funds are listed below:

  • Lobby Kiosk Deposits – Funds may be posted to inmate accounts utilizing public lobby kiosks in either Building One (20 McGee St) or Building Two (4 McGee St). The kiosks accept cash in the following denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20, and $100 and debit/credit cards. Kiosks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Deposits incur service fees which are assessed and collected by the service provider from the total amount deposited into the inmate’s account. The Detention Center does not collect any funds from these transactions.
    • There is no maximum deposit for cash transactions.
    • Cash Deposits are available to the inmate immediately.
    • Debit/Credit Cardholders incur the following conditions for kiosk deposits: Inmates are allow 1 credit card deposit every 48 hours with a maximum deposit of $100 per credit card transaction.
  • Website Deposits – Funds may be posted to inmate accounts by visiting and creating an account. Transaction fees and maximum deposits apply to online deposits. These funds are available to the inmate immediately following confirmation of information and funds.
  • Mailed Deposits – Only U.S. Postal and Western Union money orders are accepted through inmate mail. DO NOT SEND CASH VIA MAIL. Cash received through the mail will be documented as personal inmate property and secured in the property room.
    • Money Orders must be made payable to Inmate's Full Name c/o Greenville County Detention Center. Money Orders not completed correctly will be returned to sender. See example:

      Money Order Example

    • There is no maximum deposit for money orders received.
    • Money Order deposits are available to the inmate immediately upon receipt and posting to the inmate’s account.
    • All Money Orders shall be sent to the following address:
    • Accounting Specialists
      Greenville County Detention Center
      20 McGee Street
      Greenville, SC 29601

Indigent Inmates
  • Inmates with account balances of less than $1.00 for 7 or more days are considered to be Indigent. These inmates will be eligible for select hygiene and writing materials from the commissary. Indigent purchases are debited from the inmate’s account and are held as outstanding debt. Deposits into accounts for inmates who have previously been Indigent will be used to cover negative balances at 25% per deposit.