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Telephone Services
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The Greenville County Detention Center has selected Securus Technologies Inc. to provide telephone services to the inmate population. Inmates who have funds in their inmate accounts have the ability to set up accounts to make telephone calls which are free of charge to the person being called. These calls must be accepted by the person being called in order to be connected. Inmates also have the ability to place collect calls which are subject to acceptance from the person being called. The public may also set up pre-paid accounts in order to accept calls from inmates at the Detention Center. These accounts can be set up by calling Securus Technologies at 1.800.844.6591 or by visiting the following website: No Collect calls can be placed from the Detention Center to cellular telephones. Persons wishing to accept financial responsibility for inmate calls to their cellular telephones must set up an account using the information above. The Greenville County Detention Center does not accept incoming calls for inmates or deliver messages that are deemed non-emergent by Detention Center staff.

Monitoring and Recording

Inmate telephone calls are subject to recording and monitoring. The person being called and the inmate will receive automated notification of this condition prior to the call being connected. It is understood that inmates utilize the telephone system to contact their attorneys and there is a need to maintain attorney/client confidentiality. For attorneys to receive confidential inmate telephone calls, the Detention Center requires them to complete a Request for Confidential Inmate Phone Call Form identifying the attorneyÂ’s telephone numbers to be excluded from the monitoring and recording system. Forms are available through the link above, at the Detention Center administrative offices, and through the Greenville County Bar Association. Upon receipt and approval of attorney submitted forms, identified numbers will be excluded from monitoring and recording.


General Population inmates have access to telephones from 7:30 a.m.-12:00 a.m. daily. Interruptions in this service may be subject to occur during essential facility operations such as inmate head counts, meal service, institutional emergencies or other general incidents which require that phone services are interrupted in order to maintain orderly operations. Telephone services are considered to be a privilege for the inmate population, therefore access to telephones may be removed in the interest of facility safety and security. Inmates housed in Restrictive housing are provided phone services under controlled movement and their access to telephone service will vary.

Technical Issues and Complaints

Inmates have the ability to report problems with the telephone systems to staff members within the facility. Members of the public who wish to report technical issues should contact Securus Technologies at 1.800.844.6591. The Detention Center does not handle financial transactions involving the telephone system. Any issues involving dropped telephone calls, improper charges or billing should be directed to Securus Technologies. Issues that cannot be properly addressed through Securus Technologies may be reported to the Detention Center for follow up.

Persons receiving unwanted telephone calls from inmates at the Detention Center may contact Securus technologies at 1.800.844.6591 to have their number blocked from receiving direct calls from inmates. For calls that may be threatening in nature; the Detention Center should be contacted along with local law enforcement at the discretion of the person(s) being called. Victims who receive unwanted communications from inmates charged with crimes against them should contact the Detention Center and the appropriate Victim Advocate/law enforcement agency as appropriate.