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Commercial Plan Review
Commercial Plan Review

Commercial Plan Review is responsible for the review of all plans for commercial projects including the architectural, structural, fire, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, accessibility, and energy for compliance with the current South Carolina adopted codes. The fire reviews are coordinated with the local Fire Marshals. A strong emphasis on life safety aspects of the proposed building is the priority of all reviews to ensure code compliance on all projects.

The Plan Examiners are available for preliminary reviews, and “page turns”. Scheduling can be accomplished by contacting 864.467.7072.


Commercial Project Basic Information

A Design Professional is required if:

  • Building or tenant space is over 5000 square feet
  • Building or tenant space is classified as an Assembly, Educational, Institutional, or Hazardous regardless of size.

A Contractor is required if:

  • Cost of work is over $5000; or
  • Structural, electrical, or mechanical work is done as required by the Building Official.

A Grading Approval is required if:

  • If there is any land disturbance on the property, Greenville County Land Development must be contacted at 864.467.4610.

Sewer or Septic information is require if:

  • Building a new building, additions, or changing the occupancy. Sewer permits from Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) and from the company that owns the lines (Metro, Parker, Taylors, Gantt, Berea, etc.) will/may be required before a permit can be purchased.
  • Areas that do not have availability of sewer will be required to apply for a Septic Tank Permit. Applications are completed and submitted to our office, with a fee of $160.00. The application is then sent to the Health Department for review and testing. This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Permits must be approved before a building permit can be issued.
  • ReWa will resize all grease traps for restaurants.

Preliminary Building Plan Reviews:

  • A preliminary review can be done on any project. Preliminary reviews are available by appointment only.

A Zoning Approval is required if:

  • The property is zoned PD, FRD, NC, POD. These Review Districts must receive zoning approval prior to building plan submittal.

Sign Information:

  • Applications are available with submittal guidelines, containing required information, for permitting.