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August 2022 News
Volunteer Totals
Volunteer Totals

1,260 lbs in July
34,603 lbs in 2022

Truck Totals
Truck Totals

76,420 lbs in July
355,140 lbs in 2022

WaterGoat Totals
WaterGoat Totals

460 lbs in July
3,020 lbs in 2022


Educational Litter Exhibit

We're so excited to share that the Litter Letter Project and Educational exhibit at Roper Mountain Science Center is officially OPEN!!

This exhibit starts with a display that is part of an award-winning international litter awareness campaign called THE LITTER LETTER PROJECT. These Litter Letters will join projects in Australia, England, the Philippines, Ireland, Nigeria, and all throughout the States! This one shown here is the very first Litter Letter Project in South Carolina!

The Litter Letters are part of an educational exhibit at Roper Mountain Science Center and are located at the head of the trail by the Sustainability Building. There is an educational infographic sign in front of the Litter Letters, and then as you follow the trail there is a litter scavenger hunt. There are 5 fiberglass pieces of litter for kids to find - and when kids find a piece of litter, there is a QR code that plays a short 50-second cartoon video about the cause, effect, and solution to that piece of litter.


Volunteer Safety Reminder Of the Month

Don't wear headphones during litter cleanups.

Headphones interfere with hearing traffic and each other. For the safety of everyone participating in a litter cleanup headphones are strictly prohibited.

If you have any safety concerns please contact Summer Gagnon at


Youth Program Litter Cleanup
Youth Program Litter Cleanup

Thank you to the Mauldin United Methodist Church youth program for holding a litter cleanup during their local mission week.

These kids not only served their community but they also learned about litter issues in the process!

In all these kids removed 120lbs of litter from a nearby neighborhood.


Welcome to the Team!
Welcome to the Team!

The Young Democrats of Greenville County adopted Chalmers Road and held their first litter cleanup in early July. During their first cleanup, six volunteers removed 380lbs of trash!

We are so thankful for their service to our community!


Adopt A Road Cleanup Date
Adopt A Road
Cleanup Date

The next Adopt a Road cleanup date is scheduled for August 20th.


We're Hiring!
We're Hiring!

Join our team. Make Greenville County a more clean and beautiful place for us to all work and live!

  • Use heavy and light equipment to remove loose litter and illegal dumping from the road.
  • Assists with volunteer litter cleanups and events.
  • Assist in Litter Surveillance Program.
  • Enjoy 4 day work weeks and full benefits