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Litter Prevention
About Us
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About Us

Litter Ends Here is a Greenville County initiative formed as a response to a community demand to eliminate litter. Litter damages our environment, image and quality of life. The Litter Ends Here program, established in 2017, addresses litter problems with a multi-faceted approach.

Within the first 3 years of the program, Litter Ends Here crews removed more than 1 million pounds of litter from Greenville County roadways and we are still going strong.

How Large is Our Load?

Greenville County’s Litter Ends Here is responsible for cleaning more than 3,000 miles of road, including 1,700 miles of County roads plus 1,390 miles of State primary and secondary roads. In order to keep our County beautiful, our crews also voluntarily maintain as many miles of State roads as we can safely access.

Note: We are unable to clean Highway 101 and, Highway 418, due to the safety concerns and road conditions. However, when SCDOT is able to close a lane of traffic to safely clean these roads we assist with the cleanup efforts.
SCDOT takes care of all interstate litter.

Tackling a BIG Problem
Tackling a BIG Problem

Our crew of four, armed with three specialized litter trucks, works tirelessly to remove trash from the roadsides of Greenville County. Illegal dumping is currently one of the largest litter issues that we battle. Much of our crew’s time is spent removing large items such as mattresses, tables, construction debris and other large items from roads.

Partnerships Are Essential

To achieve our mission to end litter, we work closely with other agencies, such as Greenville County Sheriff’s Department, Greater Greenville Sanitation, Environmental Enforcement, Greenville County Codes, South Carolina Department of Transportation, and all municipalities within Greenville County.

We Need Your Help!

If you notice litter in Greenville County, we need you to report it using the Litter Ends Here app, which can be downloaded for free in your device’s app store. You can also use the app to volunteer.

Volunteers are a vital part of our success. As the population increases in Greenville County, the need for volunteer help grows. Our crew of four needs your help!

Litter Ends Here supports volunteers by providing free supplies and trash bag pick-up service.

Become a part of the Adopt a Road program and put a new meaning to roadside assistance! Groups, businesses and families will get a dedicated roadside sign recognizing their commitment to keeping a stretch of Greenville County litter-free.


Litter Ends Here is committed to raising awareness throughout the county. We can be found at a number of events, schools and camps throughout the county in an effort to reach as many people as possible.

Litter is not just an environmental problem; it is a social problem directly impacting our local economy. The Litter Ends Here team actively strives to encourage the community to take responsibility for their waste throughout Greenville County.