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Litter Prevention
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Volunteer Totals
Volunteer Totals

3,890 lbs in September
44,295 lbs in 2023

Truck Totals
Truck Totals

25,040 lbs in September
508,780 lbs in 2023


Secure your items, prevent littering, and avoid fines!

Unsecured loads are a major source of litter on our roads. In fact, 20% of all litter on roadways is unintentional. This means that 1 in 5 pieces of litter on the road was not thrown out on purpose.

Securing your items to your vehicle is easy and inexpensive. All you need is some rope, straps, or a tarp. By taking a few minutes to secure your items, you can help to keep our roadways clean and safe.

It is also illegal to drive with an unsecured load in the state of South Carolina. If you are caught with an unsecured load, you could be fined up to $1,000.


Travelers Rest Community Litter Cleanup
November 18th

Travelers Rest is a true haven for travelers, named for its natural amenities and proximity to nearby destinations. It's the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountain landscape, and it's important that we set a good example to those traveling to enjoy our natural sites with a clean presence.

The cleanup starts at 10 am in Trailblazer Park under the Farmers Market Pavilion. No sign-up is required!


Conestee Preserve
Litter Cleanup
December 9th

There's something truly special about volunteering to clean up litter at Conestee Nature Preserve. Maybe it's the contrast between the destructive litter and debris against the beautiful natural landscape of the preserve. Or maybe it's just that the word "preserve" evokes a sense of protecting something precious.

Whatever the reason, these cleanups are always popular, and space is limited, so make sure you sign up to join this cleanup before it's too late.