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Citizens can pay property taxes through the mail, the internet or by using the convenient dropbox located outside the Tax Office. The County accepts credit and debit card payments on our website, online.
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The service fee for Hospitality Taxes will also be waived until August 31st.
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Engineering & Maintenance
Road Improvement Projects
Road Improvements

The Engineering office oversees road widening and intersection improvement projects funded through the CIP and C-Funds. The projects are identified by Engineering staff with input from maintenance staff, Planning Department staff, technical advisory groups and citizens. A list of several projects is approved by County Council each year based on critical need and available funding. Design and construction of most projects are handled by a private management firm in a turn-key fashion, while a few smaller projects are designed in-house and constructed through traditional design bid build contracts.

Current Road Projects

Pennington Road

Pennington Road is a Collector Road, approximately 5,085 feet long that runs from Highway 101 to Mays Bridge Road. Design for Phase I improvements from Hwy 101 to Shore Vista Lane (3,745 feet) is currently underway. Phase II improvements will be from the intersection of Mays Bridge Road to Shore Vista Lane for a length of approximately 1,340 feet. The scope of work for Phase II will include but not be limited to design and construction of the roadway/shoulder/ditches from Mays Bridge Road to Shore Vista Lane and performing all design, hydrological analysis and permitting necessary to replace the existing culvert at the creek crossing near the intersection of Pennington and Shore Vista Lane. Survey at the creek crossing and preliminary hydrology work are currently being performed. The new structure must satisfy County Floodplain Ordinance requirements. Right of way acquisition may also be required.

Project Location Map

Cobblestone Drive

Cobblestone Drive is a local Residential Road that runs from Gilderbrook Road to Lynchester Road, a length of 2,010 feet. There is an existing precast concrete bridge at the Rocky Creek crossing. The bridge deck is 45 feet long by 26 feet wide (three (3) - 15 feet concrete spans). The scope of work for this project will include but not be limited to performing all design, hydrological analysis and permitting necessary to replace the existing structure with a single span. The structure must satisfy County Floodplain Ordinance requirements.

Project Location Map

Recently Completed Road Projects

Pine Drive and North Rutherford Road Intersection

The project site is located at the intersection of Pine Drive (County Road M-10) and N. Rutherford Road (State Road S-23-171) in Greenville County. The project scope of work includes realignment of the existing intersection. The contractor shall widen section of Pine Drive from 19' wide to 22' wide. Construction activities shall include clearing, grubbing about 0.7 acres, storm drainage improvements and road building shall include installation of borrow material and the installation of stone base course, paving shall consist of H.M. asphalt intermediate course and H.M. asphalt surface course. Pavement marking, striping are included. Contractor shall re-grade the hillside at the intersection to provide sufficient sight distance. Some utility relocation will be required to avoid conflict at the new intersection. Installation of 1.5" asphalt overlay on N. Rutherford Road at the new intersection and on the tapered portion of Pine Drive.

Project Location Map