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Engineering & Maintenance
Road Improvement Projects
Road Improvements

The Engineering office oversees road widening and intersection improvement projects funded through the CIP and C-Funds. The projects are identified by Engineering staff with input from maintenance staff, Planning Department staff, technical advisory groups and citizens. Design and construction of most projects are handled by a private management firm in a turn-key fashion, while few small projects are occasionally designed in-house and constructed through traditional design, bid, build contracts.

Current Road Projects

Bracken Road Widening

Bracken Road is a collector road located in the southwestern portion of the county. It connects SC-20 to SC-25 and is approximately 2.8 miles long. During the 2022 paving season, the county paved the portion of the road between SC-20 and the bridge over Grove Creek, approximately 1 mile. This bridge was also replaced during this time period.

Due to unsafe conditions caused by an increase in truck traffic and the existing narrow portion of Bracken Road from the bridge over Grove Creek to SC-25, the county will be widening this portion of road from its current 18-20’ width to 36’, which will include two 12’ travel lanes and a 12’ median. The appropriate stormwater infrastructure improvements will also be installed as part of this widening project. This project is currently in the pre-design phase.

Recently Completed Road Projects

Anderson Ridge Road Widening and Intersection Improvement

Anderson Ridge Road is a collector road located on the eastern side of the county and connects Batesville Road and SC-146/Woodruff Road. The county-maintained portion of Anderson Ridge Road begins at the intersection with SC-296/S Bennetts Bridge Road and runs all the way to Woodruff Road. This portion of Anderson Ridge Road is approximately 3 miles long.

This project consisted of widening, drainage improvements, and intersection improvements from the intersection with Roper Mountain Road to the intersection with Carolee Way. This project came about due to the tremendous residential growth in this area leading to regular traffic backups due to extreme difficulty making turns at the Anderson Ridge Road and S Bennetts Bridge Road intersection.