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Drainage Projects
Drainage Improvements

Drainage improvement projects are needed to mitigate neighborhood flooding problems which impact yards, buildings, and roads. Drainage projects are funded through the Stormwater Utility. The projects are identified by staff from several divisions, technical advisory groups and citizens. A list of several projects is approved by County Council based on critical need and available funding. Designs are managed by the land development division and construction contracts are awarded through competitive bidding and inspected by staff inspectors. At the present time, projects are generally limited to neighborhood drainage systems and small off-line regional detention basins. Future projects involving creek channel improvements, floodproofing, and large on-line regional detention projects may require additional funding sources.

Current Drainage Projects

Trinity Way (K-0341)

Project Location:
The project site is located on Trinity Way (K-0341) in Greenville County off Devonshire Lane at the intersection with W Chaucer Road.

Project Scope:
This project consists of upgrading the storm drainage system and installing new Catch Basins. The contractor shall improve the old drainage system by installing a new storm drainage system.


Recently Completed Drainage Projects

Merrifield Park Subdivision Storm Drainage Improvement Project

Project Location:
The project site is located in Merrifield Park subdivision off of Hudson Road.

Project Scope:
The main purpose of the project is to improve the drainage system. The work consists of the replacement of the existing lines and the installation of new storm drainage lines. The work will impact the roads in Merrifield Park, side streets, and several private properties. The project includes, but it not limited to:

  • Demolition, removal, and disposal of the existing drainage system, driveway aprons, curbs, trees, plant material, etc. as necessary to make room for the new drainage system and road improvements.
  • Installation of approximately 136 LF of 15” RCP, 544 LF of 18” RCP, 624 LF of 24” RCP, 1088 LF of 30” RCP, and 48 LF of 42” RCP.
  • Install 103 LF of 5’x3’ concrete box culvert, 50 LF of 7’x4’ concrete box culvert, 42 LF of 9’x4’ concrete box culvert and associated head walls with wings.
  • Install drainage structures: 2 (type 16), 18 (type 17), 1 (type 18) and 3 yard/drop inlets.
  • Install drainage structures: 2 (type 16), 18 (type 17), 1 (type 18) and 3 yard/drop inlets.
  • Install 7 drainage access manholes (SCDOT).
  • Remove/recycle existing asphalt pavement and adjust driveways.

Project Location Map

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